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You are going to LOVE this FAIRY THEMED SISTERS BIRTHDAY PARTY submitted by Mandi Callahan of The Cotton Candy Chandelier!

Mandi said- “There is not much that I love more than making things fun and frilly…especially for my sweet girls! Eisley turned 6 and Ember turned 2 in the same month, so I decided to give them a party together! As they get older, I’m sure they will want their own thing, but for now, this is working! :) Anyone that knows me, knows that I love all things sparkly, ruffly, glittery and fun! I don’t want to spend a ton of money, so I try to make as much as possible myself!

The girl’s decided on a Fairy Princess Party, so as soon as I heard that, my overactive brain started working on ideas! We live in Florida, so I wanted something outside, I wanted something different, and I wanted it to be bright and colorful! My 6 year old is starting to develop a style of her own, so made sure I checked in with her before I made any big decisions. I wanted her to be a big party of planning it (My 2 year old could care less about any of it, she was just happy to be at a party)!
My husband is a professional photographer, so he helped me set up for the party and then he did all of the photography (he is a trooper and NEVER complains…even when I make him drag an entire room of furniture over to my Mom’s and set it up for a party! Ha! He should seriously win some kind of awesome husband award! :) As the girls were arriving to the party, we played a few games and then we made some pretty beaded necklaces. Once everyone was there, the fairy makeovers began! They went from station to station, getting transformed into a fairy princess (tutu’s, wings, wands, crowns, and then finally their fairy face painting!) Once they were ready, we sent them off to get their picture taken and then they got to decorate their very own fairy bird house! I adore my sweet girls and I loved watching their sweet smiles as they enjoyed every second of their birthday party! :)”

Vendors and Credits:

Party Styling- The Cotton Candy Chandelier

Desserts, including cake- Amy Paul

Party Printables- Tomkat Studio

Birthday Shirt’s appliques- Ambre Katauskas from Doodle Bugs

Face Painting- Kyla White

Photography- Cory Callahan

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  1. WOW This is stunning! Two very lucky girls for sure!

  2. Nichole Petterson says:

    This party is amazing!!!

  3. renee says:

    AMAZING!! I LOVE every little detail. I wanted to know where the yellow flowers were from … on the wings? And the little crowns? And how about the amazing flowers on the shirts and the crowns? This mom did fantastic … and the photography by dad is wonderful as well! Such lucky little birthday girls! ;)

  4. This party, it is even more astonishing …! Congratulation!

  5. What a sweet themed double birthday party. The flower backdrop is so pretty and I love the matching ruffled cakes.

  6. This is absolutely adorable! Love the table and seating :)

  7. Nadine says:

    Just wondering how the crowns were made?

  8. jen says:

    I just love everything! Im doinga fairy theme party for my little girl and was wondering where you found the pixie dust star wands on the jars? You did an amazing job!

  9. Heather Francis says:

    I love so many of the ideas on your site, but am a little discouraged that there aren’t how-to’s on how to make such a beautiful party happen. How do you make the flowers? Where can you buy the fabric? Etc, etc?? I think that it would be wonderful if there was more info to help the un-creative out :-)
    All in all, this is just incredible and your girls are so lucky to have parents that will take the time and money to make such a memory happen!

  10. Ashley says:

    How did u make the crowns??