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This LORAX THEMED FRUIT FARM BIRTHDAY PARTY submitted by Rebecca Horikawa of The Left Coast Mama is just too cute! Take a look at the truffula tree cupcakes!

Rebecca said- “We celebrated my daughter’s 6th birthday with a Lorax theme party at a local organic farm. The theme was perfect for an outdoor party, and I kept it as eco-friendly and natural as possible. The candy buffet was filled with naturally colored candies and organic treats. Guests enjoyed a tractor ride around the organic farm and sampled fresh vegetables during the tour. At the end of the tour, all of the kids picked fresh organic strawberries to eat – and a container to bring home. After we finished picking strawberries, it was time for the party! For lunch, there was cold-cuts, cheese, and rolls, as well as an antipasto salad. There was a small candy buffet filled with naturally colored chocolate candies, home-made candy dots on paper strips (naturally colored), organic chocolate graham bears, all natural mini marshmallows, whole grain cheddar goldfish crackers, and rock candy sticks in orange, yellow, and light blue (the only thing that I couldn’t find without artificial coloring). Naturally colored yellow chocolate mustache lollipops were displayed as centerpieces on the tables in vintage wooden boxes. For dessert, homemade cupcakes with naturally colored butter cream frosting and truffula tree cake pops (also naturally colored). Most of the decor was do-it-yourself projects, which helped to keep costs low. I made utensil containers out of cans, and added ribbon around them to spruce them up. The flatware was made of bamboo. I made the tablecloth from fabric, and the yellow mustache utensil holders were cut out of yellow felt (I glued a small strip of felt to the back so that I could slip the fork into it. I cut out yellow mustaches from card stock and made a hole for the straw to go through. The mini mason jars were purchased from Acme Party Box and I filled them with Orange Juice. I made the “truffula tree” poufs from tissue paper and twine. The faux grass was purchased from Lowes and I cut it into a runner for the table. I also made the “happy birthday” bunting from card stock and twine. I glued a penny between the 2 layers, near the bottom tip of each triangle, to keep them weighted down.”

Vendors and Credits:

Venue- Tanaka Farms in Irvine, California

Gingham fabric (to make tablecloth): Fabric Direct

Chocolate mustache lollipops mold- Streich’s Cake and Candy Supply

Koziol Babell White Tiered Tray- Amazon

Items used in this party that are available in Kara’s Party Ideas Shop
Lime Green White Polka Dot Baking Cups
Wooden Utensils
Mason Jar Drinking Glasses
Apothecary Jars
Tissue Pom Poms
Paper Straws
Rock Candy Sticks

Wooden utensils available to purchase here.


Tissue pom poms available to purchase here


Apothecary jars holding candy available to purchase here.

Mason Jar Drinking Glasses available to purchase here.

Blue & white striped paper straws available to purchase here.

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  1. Jess says:

    Adorable! I cannot get over it! You always post the best parties! Those tissue paper poms are really perfect– they look very much like the lorax :-)

  2. Sheenika says:

    So pretty! Love the detail!

  3. Super cute!!! The little mustaches are my favorite.

  4. Kp says:

    This is fantastic! I love all the mustaches! And the tissue paper poofs are so in line with the imagery from Seuss!

  5. Very cute party theme. I can see designing an invitation in my future…with 3 boys who love the Lorax!