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This incredible WESTERN COWBOY + SADDLE UP 2ND BIRTHDAY PARTY was submitted by Cathy Cattaneo of 505 Design+Paperie! If you’re planning a farm, western or cowboy party then I hope you find a lot of ideas here!

Cathy said- “We celebrated my nephew’s second birthday with a western cowboy party. My sister had a couple of different ideas in mind but eventually settled on the theme since he loves his rocking horse and the vintage Red Ryder Horse we have at our house.

Creating a dessert table can be a little tricky when the guest of honor has an egg and peanut allergy. My sister found a wonderful road side stand that sells homemade pies and was able to order them with no egg wash. I made the s’mores pops using over-sized and regular marshmallows and we put my mom in charge of the haystacks. She substituted the peanut butter for sun-butter {made from sunflower seed} it surprisingly tasted the same!

The kids were entertained in true cowboy fashion with a shooting range (with Nerf guns and tin cans), pony rides via the rocking horse and the vintage Red Rider Pony, and a camp fire. Each buckaroo received their own cowboy hat and survival kit {s’mores} as a party favor.”

Vendors and Credits:

Printables-: 505 Design+Paperie
Photo Editing- Andary Studio

Party supplies used in the party that are available in the Kara’s Party Ideas Shop:

Tin Pails


Lollipop Sticks


Part supplies used in the party that are available in the Kara’s Party Ideas Shop:

Tin Pails


Lollipop Sticks


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  1. Clare says:

    on many of your posts you include the invitation which has a REAL number and one even had an address… i would take that off..

    • Kara says:

      Thank you for your concern, Clare. I have realized this, too. But it isn’t up to me…it’s up to the person who styles the party. They submit the pictures that they want me to include :].

    • Cathy C. says:

      Thanks Clare for noticing – it’s just the number to the information and the address is fake too!

  2. Louise Hampton says:

    SOOOO Cute! The rocking horse is my favorite!

  3. This party is adorable! Great theme for kids!

  4. Anonymous says:

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