Kara's Party Ideas Black White Sophisticated Hitchcock Halloween Party Planning Ideas

 This spectacular BLACK & WHITE HALLOWEEN PARTY was submitted by Debbie of Wants and Wishes Design!
Debbie said- “This was a Black and White Sophisticated Halloween Party! I wanted to create a little different Halloween collection….. something that would be suitable for all ages: adults, teen and the young kids! I went with the classic black and white color scheme {like the old Hitchcock movies}. This allows you to pop any color you want or keep it a classic with black and white. If you are doing a teen scary movie party you could pop red with “bloody” items and watch a thriller! For the young kids, add a pop of orange for a not too scary party. For the adults, you can stick with the black and white and and watch the classic old movies along with it.
To create this Spooktacular Halloween Party we had “sinfully sweet” candy and desserts. Candy bars, rock candy suckers, M&M’s, mini mint spider eggs for refreshing the pallet. Some of the baked goods we had were chocolate cupcakes with black and white swirled frosting, homemade ghost and spider suckers, and cookies and cream popcorn.
In a tree, we hung witches caldrons closed with our 2″ printable topper as the “lid” secured with washi tape! There was also a DIY spider pom pom (tutorial coming soon to our blog!).”
Vendors and Credits-
White tree branch with black leaves: Pottery Barn
Triangle potion bottles: Hobby Lobby
Items used in this party available in Kara’s Party Ideas Shop:


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  1. invitation consultants says:

    very elegant – but fun!

  2. Gabby Bentley says:

    This is so stunning and classy, I love Black and White themes, maybe a little red blood would have been a great touch.

  3. Debbie @Wants and Wishes says:

    Thank you for the feature Kara! I think a red or neon green would be a great touch! That is whats so fun about this collection is you can change it up by adding color to the treats and liens!

  4. Anonymous says:

    where is the tree from it is awesome !!! i need something like that for my engagement party