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How fun is this MICKEY MOUSE HALLOWEEN PARTY submitted by Patty Smith of Sweet Treat Stands?!

Vendors and Credits:
Mickey Mummy Cupcakes: Carol Zeichner
Photography: Wendhy Jeffers Photography
Fondant/Nut Free Cupcakes: Juliette with Fairy Tale Cupcakes
Custom cupcake stand, dessert table backdrop, tablecloth, Halloween banner, candy favor boxes, wrapped juice boxes, gourmet caramel/chocolate apples, Mickey cookies/pops, other snack food:  Sweet Treat Stands

Items used in this Mickey Mouse Halloween party available in Kara’s Party Ideas Shop:




Patty said this about planning the party-

 “This was a shabby chic Mickey’s Spooktacular But Not So Spooky Halloween Party. I’ve been wanting to throw a Halloween party for years and my 2-yr old boy loves Mickey! So I decided to throw a Mickey themed Halloween party. I knew I wanted it to be different though, so I did a spin off on the name of Disney’s annual Halloween party, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. I decided on a shabby chic look.

The tablecloth is made of burlap fabric with an orange and black tulle ruffle. The Halloween banner is made with different printed scrapbook paper, fan paper design, and Mickey and spider web cutouts. Twine was used to thread the banner.

The cupcake stand has 3-tiers wrapped in a variety of fabrics: orange with black dots, muslin/cheesecloth, black with orange dots and black lace on the insets in between the tiers. Black chandelier style beads are also hanging from each tier. The middle tier is a Mickey Mummy theme. It’s covered in a cream colored muslin fabric and then wrapped in cheesecloth like a mummy with a Mickey cut out using beautiful black printed scrapbook paper and just his eyes peeking through. I brought this theme back to the top of the cupcake stand with a Mickey Mummy head wrapped in torn strips of cream colored muslin and cheesecloth and adorned Mickey’s ears with the same black chandelier style beads as well.

For the backdrop, I incorporated the same/similar fabrics from the cupcake stand and tablecloth such as the orange and black polk-a-dotted fabrics, muslin, burplap and lace. The backdrop was made of fabric strips that varied in texture, color and width. They were staggered in length and even knotted together to add fullness and dimension.

The food ranged from gourmet style Granny Smith apples dipped in homemade caramel, semi-sweet chocolate, white chocolate, sprinkles and Oreo cookie crumbs with real tree branches. Homemade Mickey Mouse cookies drizzled in orange, black and white colored chocolate, Oreo cookie pops drizzled in white chocolate for that “mummy” look adorned above hand painted black wooden coffins that were filled with candies. There was also an assortment of chocolate covered/drizzled pretzel sticks and popcorn snack mix. There were a variety of yummy Halloween cupcakes from cute Mickey Mummy cupcakes to beautiful fondant covered cupcakes that were also nut free. The fondant cupcakes displayed were spider, mummy, spider web and ghost designed fondant cupcakes that were cream filled and provided by Juliette of Fairy Tale Cakes. Candy favor boxes with Mickey shape cutouts and ribbon were also provided. To match beautifully wrapped juice boxes in coordinating colors, ribbon, Mickey shape cutouts as well as Mickey Mummies and Mickey Ghosts. So cute!

We had potato sack (Halloween themed sacks) races that the children really enjoyed. It was such a great hit! We also had a beautiful backdrop set up for Halloween portraits by Wendhy Jeffers at the party! She provided the photography for this awesome photo shoot. So no need to head out to take Halloween photos. It was all taken care of at the party. Nice! To top it off she’s even having a photo contest on her blog of the portraits taken at the party. All of the kids looked so nice running around in their costumes :).”

Items used in this Mickey Mouse Halloween party available in Kara’s Party Ideas Shop:

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  1. Wendhy Jeffers Photography {Las Vegas Photographer} says:

    Great post! You did such a wonderful job Patty!

  2. Jodi Keller says:

    I love how this turned out! So cute! Also wanted to know where you got the Caramel Apple Stand? I like how unique it is & how it tied into the theme of your party :) Thanks

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