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**UPDATE** This giveaway has ended. CONGRATULATIONS to the winner, comment #33, Bevin Mancini! Thank you to everyone who entered!!**

I’m super excited to host this Leslie Zander Design $100 SHOP CREDIT GIVEAWAY!! Whether it’s an upcoming birthday party, an engagement announcement, the arrival of a new baby, a wedding, or another important life event, Leslie Zander Design will work closely with you to create the perfect solution!

From invitations of all kinds to thank you cards to announcements to party accessories to calendars, Leslie Zander is known for her unique and modern designs, quick turn-around, old-fashioned personal service, and affordability. Her ultimate goal is to exceed your expectations by delivering creative yet affordable solutions while building long-lasting relationships with EVERY customer! Leslie wants you to be so satisfied that you will become a repeat customer and recommend her to others without hesitation. Leslie’s line of clean and modern designs are available as printables (pdf or jpeg) that are delivered right to your inbox. Leslie also offers affordable printing and assembly services. Custom design services are also available if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for.

“Being ahead of the trends and unable to find exactly what I was looking for in the stores is what prompted me to start designing invitations and party accessories for myself. As my children got older, I found it hard to find party invitations and supplies that were more age-appropriate and less juvenile. When friends and family started asking me to design for them, I decided it was time to offer my creations to everyone and Leslie Zander Design was born.”

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How to Enter:

Each person can leave up to SIX separate comments to increase your chances of winning. ONE comment per task completed. All entries will be verified.

1. Favorite Leslie Zander Design on Etsy and browse her collection. Come back here and leave a comment telling us what your favorite design is.

2. Like Leslie Zander Design on Facebook & come back here and leave a comment saying you did so.

3. Follow Leslie Zander on Twitter & come back here and leave a comment saying you did so.

4. Follow Leslie Zander on Pinterest & come back here and leave a comment saying you did so.

5. Subscribe to Leslie Zander Design’s newsletter here & come back and leave a comment saying you did so.

6. Facebook, tweet or blog about this giveaway. Then come back here and leave a comment saying you did so.

Good luck! Giveaway ends Monday, January 28th at 11:59 pm. Winner will be announced the following day.

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  1. Morgan Delezene says:

    Huge fan of Leslie Zander’s STICKY SWEET POPSICLE personalized printable birthday party invitation and the Moving Announcement (as my husband and I will be moving to a different town soon)! I also love all of the DIY options including the Subway Art Wall Calendar! Very creative and talented!

  2. Morgan Delezene says:

    Also just “liked” her Facebook page, am now following on Pinterest and subscribed to her newsletter :)

  3. Sherry shapiro says:

    My fav item.from her store are the burlap sacks


  4. Sherry shapiro says:

    Following her on Pinterest. User name is sherrystuff

  5. Kristina Harper says:

    Just liked Leslie Zander on facebook.

  6. Anna Galvas says:

    Liked on FB

  7. Wendy says:

    I have never seen her work before and I must say it’s truly awesome. Very creative, colorful and so original. This is truly a FAB giveaway!!!!!

  8. Anna Galvas says:

    Following on Pinterest

  9. Maya J. says:

    I love the ombre baby shower invites. Adorable!

  10. Maya J. says:

    I liked Leslie Zander on FB!

  11. Maya J. says:

    I followed Leslie Zander on Pinterest.

  12. Maya J. says:

    I’ve subscribed to L.Z. newsletter!

  13. barbara n says:

    I follow Leslie Zander on Pinterest

  14. donna karanas says:

    Favorited on etsy. Love the,kraft beach wedding.

  15. donna karanas says:

    Like on fb.

  16. barbara n says:

    I really like the 2013 TYPOGRAPHIC WATERCOLOR Wall Calendar

  17. donna karanas says:

    Pinterest folllower

  18. donna karanas says:

    Follow,on twitter @keepjoshfed

  19. Sarah says:

    I just love the Ombre Baby Shower Invites!

  20. Laura says:

    OK, I love these invites! I liked her, picked out my etsy fave and i pinned my fave!! Do I get 3 entries?? super fun!

  21. Chacoy says:

    I heart her shop as Ma21cuteboy and love the Subway Art Wall Calendar!

  22. Annid Maldonado says:

    following on twitter… would luv invites for daughter’s 1st birthday!

  23. Chacoy says:

    I like Leslie Zander on Facebook as ChacoyAguayo!

  24. Chacoy says:

    Follow Leslie on Twitter as Living_LaLaLand!

  25. Chacoy says:

    Following Leslie on Pinterest as Chacoy-LivinginLaLaLand

  26. Annid Maldonado says:

    following on twitter

  27. Cindy Blankenship says:

    I liked on facebook :)

  28. Cindy Blankenship says:

    now following on Twitter :)

  29. Cindy Blankenship says:

    I am following her on Pinterest

  30. Sara Martin says:

    Liked on FB and subscribed to the newsletter :)

  31. Cindy Blankenship says:

    I favorited her on Etsy and really like her Mustache calendars :)

  32. Annid Maldonado says:

    following on pinterest

  33. Bevin Mancini says:

    The {VINTAGE SWEET SHOPPE personalized printable birthday party invitation} in the Etsy shop is my favorite! It would be perfect for my daughter’s upcoming 1st birthday party!

  34. Bevin Mancini says:

    Liked on Facebook!

  35. Bevin Mancini says:

    Following on Twitter!

  36. Bevin Mancini says:

    Following on Pinterest!

  37. Bevin Mancini says:

    Subscribed to the newsletter!

  38. Cindy Blankenship says:

    I sent a tweet regarding the giveaway contest :) thank you!

  39. Nicole says:

    followed on Pintrest!

  40. Nicole says:

    liked on Facebook!

  41. Nicole says:

    shared on Facebook too

  42. Lindsey Hammond says:

    Liked on Facebook!

  43. Nicole says:

    added to Etsy favourites :-)

  44. brenda says:

    Follow her on Pinterest!

  45. Rebecca Nixon says:

    Tweeted about the giveaway…liked you on facebooka nd twitter and etsy…my favorite is the subway art wall calendar :)

  46. brenda says:

    like her on facebook!

  47. brenda says:

    Following her on twitter

  48. Christie Jensen says:

    My favorite design is the Stache calendar designs.

  49. Christie Jensen says:

    I signed up for the newsletter.

  50. Christie Jensen says:

    I followed on Pinterest.

  51. gina says:

    i liked leslie zander on facebook!! :)

  52. gina says:

    i am following leslie zander on pinterest!!! :)

  53. gina says:

    i subscribed to leslie zander newsletter!!! :)

  54. gina says:

    i checked out her etsy shop which i fell in love with her CHIPBOARD / KRAFT paper BEACH modern casual wedding invitation!! :)

  55. Florence says:

    Just signed up for the newsletter. Great giveaway!

  56. Taylor says:

    Following Leslie on Twitter now!

  57. Steph says:

    Following on Pinterest!

  58. Steph says:

    FB’ed about this giveaway and I also FB’ed about her Etsy shop.

  59. Nicole Addi says:

    I love the STICKY SWEET POPSICLE invitations! Adorable!

  60. Steph says:

    Signed up for email updates!

  61. Kaitlin Boles says:

    Favorited Leslie Shop on ETSY!

  62. Nicole Addis says:

    I like Leslie Zander Design on Facebook!

  63. Nicole Addis says:

    I am now following Leslie Zander on Pinterest!

  64. Kaitlin Boles says:

    Following on Pinterest!

  65. Steph says:

    Following on FB!

  66. Kaitlin Boles says:

    Following Leslie on Twitter!

  67. Steph says:

    Honestly, it’s hard to pick one design I like the best. Favorited her Etsy shop, but like I said, it’s hard to pick! To just go with one, I love the designs for the zebra birthday party and the wedding invitation/paper goods (Jeff + Joan). I’m hoping to win for invites for my daughter’s baptism! GREAT designer!

  68. Barbara Colson says:

    I favorited your Etsy store. I really like your stained glass party invitation because it reminds me very much of a “modern” quilt.

  69. Barbara Colson says:

    And I liked you on Facebook!

  70. Barbara Colson says:

    and I followed you on Pinterest!

  71. Barbara Colson says:

    and I just shared about it on Facebook too!

  72. Crystal says:

    Liked on Facebook.

  73. Crystal says:

    Subscribed to the newsletter.

  74. Crystal says:

    My fave is the Popsicle with the bite out of it.

  75. Crystal says:

    Shared on Facebook.

  76. Crystal says:

    Followed on Pinterest.

  77. Katie Rose says:

    Added to my Etsy favorites. The vintage superhero is my absolute fav!

  78. Katie Rose says:

    I just liked Leslie on FB.

  79. Katie Rose says:

    I’m following Leslie on Pinterest and already found tons of great ideas!

  80. Katie Rose says:

    I just subscribed to Leslie’s newsletter and can’t wait to get my first one.

  81. Katie Rose says:

    Just Facebooked this on my page.

  82. Ashley says:

    I love the stache calendars!

  83. Ashley says:

    retweeted giveaway!

  84. Ashley says:

    signed up for the Leslie Zander newsletter!

  85. Ashley says:

    liked on FB!

  86. Ashley says:

    Following on Twitter!

  87. Ashley says:

    following on Pinterest!

  88. franci says:

    Favourite on Etsy , I like the Fourth July design

  89. sherry says:

    I am subscribed to Leslie Zander Design’s newsletter

  90. sherry says:

    I shared your giveaway on my Facebook. My User name is sherry.shapiro.7

  91. Kim McCowan says:

    I spent forever on that website! Such darling things on there !! My favorite was the vintage sweet shoppe!

  92. Kim McCowan says:

    I liked and shared this on Facebook

  93. Kim McCowan says:

    I followed Leslie on pintrest!

  94. Kim McCowan says:

    I subscribed to Leslie’s newsletter!

  95. Rena says:

    favorited her shop, and i adore the rainbow zebra invite!!!

  96. Rena says:

    following her on pinterest!

  97. Rebecca says:

    I love the vintage superhero invitation cards. It’s so unique and cute!

  98. Amber Turnell says:

    1. Favorited the shop! Such cute stuff! How do you pick just ONE favorite?? I love the Zebra invite… reminds me of the gum you can’t find anywhere anymore!
    2. Liked on FB.
    3. Following on Twitter
    4. Following on Pinterest
    5. Subscribed to Newsletter!
    6. Shared on Twitter! @AmberMTurnell

  99. Monica Fong says:

    I liked Leslie’s Facebook page

  100. Yamilca Nogue says:

    Love the Dance & Twirls from your Etsy Shop!

  101. Monica Fong says:

    Leslie is a favorite of mine on etsy

  102. Monica Fong says:

    Following Leslie on Pinterest and I can’t wait to look at all of her creative invitations

  103. Yamilca Nogue says:

    Following Leslie Zander on Twitter !

  104. Yamilca Nogue says:

    Liked on Facebook!

    Love the Subway Art!

  105. Yamilca Nogue says:

    I shared on Facebook, tweeted and pinned!
    Very Exciting! Thanks for great work and sharing’

  106. Yamilca Nogue says:

    Following Leslie Zander on Pinterest! :)

  107. Yamilca Nogue says:

    Subscribed to the Newsletter!
    Very Excited! :)

  108. megan says:

    Love the popsicle invite…to cute!

  109. Lynette says:

    I love the scooter invitation! I got my daughter a scooter for Christmas and she would love this!

  110. Lynette says:

    I like Leslie on facebook!

  111. Tammy says:

    My favorite design from etsy is the 2013 MOUSTACHE Wall Calendar Digital and Printable DIY

  112. Tammy says:

    Subscription confirmed to Leslie’s newsletter

  113. Tammy says:

    I’m now officially following Leslie on Twitter

  114. Tammy says:

    I tweeted!

  115. Tammy says:

    I love some of Leslie’s pins… I’m a follower!

  116. Jessica says:

    Made a favorite on Etsy!

  117. Allyson says:

    Visited her etsy site and I like the ombré invitations!

  118. denisha says:

    My favorite collection is RAINBOW ZEBRA personalized printable party invitation diy! Very cute!

  119. denisha says:

    i follow Follow Leslie Zander on Pinterest!

  120. denisha says:

    i subscribed to Subscribe to Leslie Zander Design’s newsletter!

  121. denisha says:

    i follow Follow Leslie Zander on Twitter!

  122. Maria says:

    I liked Leslie Zander Design on facebook!

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    I follow Leslie Zander on Pinterest!

  124. Maria says:

    I follow Leslie Zander on Twitter!

  125. Jeanette says:

    I follow Leslie Zander on Pinterest…pretty excited to check out her PARTY (cupcakes) board!

  126. Jeanette says:

    I checked out the Leslie Zander designs on Etsy. I love the MOVING ANNOUNCEMENT – I see a future move in my glass ball ;)

  127. jessica w says:

    I Follow Leslie Zander on Twitter

  128. jessica w says:

    I Follow Leslie Zander on Pinterest

  129. jessica w says:

    I Favorited Leslie Zander Design on Etsy and i like the elegant distressed swirl the best for a baby shower

  130. jessica w says:

    I Like Leslie Zander Design on Facebook

  131. Jocelyn Heyward says:

    I am a fan on Facebook.

  132. Jocelyn Heyward says:

    Following on Pinterest under Jocelyn

  133. Jocelyn Heyward says:

    I love the Arrgh you coming invites! Too cute!

  134. Jocelyn Heyward says:

    Following on Twitter under Sugafootgirl.

  135. Lindsay jenkins says:

    new facebook follower

  136. Lindsay jenkins says:

    of course you have to like on pintrest

  137. Lindsay jenkins says:

    yeah, like on twitter too!

  138. Lindsay jenkins says:

    I am a new heart-er on Favorite Leslie Zander Design over at Etsy

  139. Lindsay jenkins says:

    new subscriber for the newsletter too :D

  140. Laura says:

    I love the pirate themed invitation! AARGGGG you coming to my party. So cute!!!

  141. Emma says:

    It would be so awesome to have a theme party like Kara’s and I think a $100 dollars will do it. :)

  142. Jessica B says:

    I love the RAINBOW ZEBRA party invitation on etsy

  143. Jessica B says:

    Liked Leslie Zander Design! :D

  144. beth pianezza says:

    follow on interest

  145. beth pianezza says:

    signed up for newsletter

  146. beth pianezza says:

    liked on Facebook

  147. Victoria M. says:

    Love her mustache calendar!

  148. Victoria M. says:

    Liked on facebook

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    Followed on twitter

  150. jahna says:

    liked on facebook

  151. Scrappin Madge says:

    Following on Twitter:)

  152. Alex Evans says:

    I followed Leslie on Pinterest!!!

  153. jahna says:

    favorited on etsy

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    I signed up for Leslie’s Newsletter!!

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    Subscribed to email newsletter:)

  157. Alex Evans says:

    Shared this giveaway on Facebook!! :)

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    tweeted and shared on FB:)

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    Liked on FB:)

  160. Alex Evans says:

    I liked Leslie on Facebook!

  161. jahna says:

    follow on pinterest

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    subscribed to newsletter :)

  163. Alex Evans says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Her Alice in Wonderland Invitations!!!

  164. Dawn Blackstead says:

    I follow Leslie on FB

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    I follow Leslie on Pinterest

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    I subscribed to Leslie’s newsletter

  167. Tara Ponte says:

    I favorited Leslie Zander Design’s Etsy page. I love the rainbow zebra card – it’s so cute an creative!

  168. Tara Ponte says:

    I’m following Leslie Zander on Twitter!

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    I’m subscribed to Leslie Zander’s newsletter!

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    I’m following Leslie Zander on Pinterest!

  171. Amalia says:

    Liked Leslie Zander Design on FB.

  172. Tara Ponte says:

    I tweeted this giveaway!

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    I like Leslie Zander Design on Facebook!

  174. Amalia says:

    Signed up to receive newsletter…

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    shared on FB

  176. Amalia says:

    Favorited on Etsy. Favorite? Hard to pick just one: Sticky Sweet Popsicles, Vintage Superheroes are two.

  177. Krystal V says:

    I like LZD on FB.

  178. Krystal V says:

    I am following LZD on Twitter

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    Following LZD on pinterest.

  180. Krystal V says:

    I love the subway art calendar.