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  1. Violet McCunn says:

    Hello, Could you please, help me with some ideas for this project. I work at a school, i handle the snacks for the school. I was ask to put some snacks in the board office to sell as a honor systems. I have bags of chips and granola bars, fruit nuggets bags. I have box that one of the chips came in that front you can open for display, so i thought to use that. I was wonder, if you have an idea on how to wrap it with wraping paper that has snacks on it. i think that will be hard to fine. My other idea was to get white or color plastic table cloth and cut out snacks and glue it. i just do not want it to look childish. Another idea, i thought was to get square baskets and a fabric lining in the basket and then display the snacks the things is we have different pricings so, i need three box’s or basket or i was thinking a shoe organizer. i do’nt think that would look nice in the coffee lounge where, we want to sell them. Any, Ideas please help..or a website to go to..Thnak You!!!