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This fun CANDY LAND THEMED SECOND BIRTHDAY PARTY was submitted by Chakoda of Chakoda Designs.

A few of my favorite party ideas in this candy land party are:

  • The tumbling mats used for the rainbow path
  • The tufted Queen Anne chair holding the paper crowns
  • The large plastic ice cream cones
  • and MORE!

This is what Chakoda said about planning the party- “Candy turns 2! So fun & Sweetly Colorful. Wanted to create it as close to the game as possible. All the rentals & props were from
www.chakodadesign.com. They were life size pieces & most importantly kid friendly. Guests loved it! Even non-guests stopped by to take a closer look!”

Photography: Charlene Freelance Photography




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  1. Erin Sarte says:

    I love this – you need to link where we can find all this cool stuff to buy

  2. Jamie says:

    Awesome party. Love the creativity.

  3. Wonderscope Visuals says:

    This is really incredible – they basically recreated Candyland in their backyard! As a children’s illustrator, I’ve always been a big fan of Candyland – the game art is great! I went and checked out the Chakoda Designs site – looks like there is also a giant mural available that would make a great photo backdrop. I’m curious as to what the three dimensional items are made out of – maybe a lightweight plastic of some kind? Anyway, awesome decorations!

  4. Sara kamel says:

    Please where can I find giant decorations for rental in canada

  5. Chakoda says:

    Hi there! thanks for all the wonderful comments we are a Unique themed Rentals & Design Company- these unfortunately are not for sale- and rentals are only for the state of California. We do not know of any other companies outside our surrounding area. Very pleased you liked my props & decor! http://www.chakodadesign.com Thanks again.

  6. xch says:

    yeah… that’s great if you have thousands of $ to spend on a birthday party.. it’s very unrealistic for those who don’t have credit cards

  7. Chakoda says:

    Having a birthday party with our rentals don’t have to cost thousands of dollars.. we have rental packages that start at $200.00 or you can also rent items individually, we like to fit into everyones budget. This client however did not have a budget, so of course with any thing in life, if you have a little bit more flexibility with your budget, you can have more of a special look. We do try to be unique in the prop and decor items we offer, to try to seperate us from everyone else- for that special touch :)

  8. Gina Taylor says:

    Where are you located I would love to rent out all the Candyland theme for a birthday party.

  9. raneisha says:

    Hi im trying to have a candyland baby shower in november and i stay in new orleans
    how much would it be?

  10. Diamond says:

    I loved it I’m trying to have a candy land party for my two year old daughter in November I was wondering how much would that be i’m in Milwaukee, WI

  11. Dewey's Candy says:

    This is wonderful! We’ve thrown a few Candy Land inspired kids birthday party events in New York. Don’t forget to provide the kids with plenty of……candy! We have the biggest selection of retro and nostalgic candies to fit this theme. Take a look http://www.deweyscandy.com/

  12. Rhea says:

    Hi I am doing a candyland 6th birthday party and would love to know where you found the character cut outs.
    Please o please tell me

  13. Carmen Huerta says:

    Please can you tell me where can I find the life size decorations/cutouts ? Please!!,thanks