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Girly Pocoyo Party with LOTS of CUTE Ideas via Kara's Party Ideas | Kara'sPartyIdeas.com #Girly #Pocoyo #Party #Planning #Idea #Decorations (33)

This fabulous GIRLY POCOYO SECOND BIRTHDAY PARTY was submitted by Abby Sue of Abby Creative Design in Malaysia.

I love the fun girl take on this party theme! There are so many fantastic Pocoyo ideas that any pre-school child would absolutely love.

The Pocoyo party ideas and elements that I like best from this awesome birthday celebration are:

  • The cute and detailed Pocoyo cake
  • The awesome balloon creations
  • The pink and blue mini desserts with fruit on top
  • The cute Pocoyo fondant cupcake toppers
  • The Pocoyo cookies
  • The awesome Pocoyo garden photobooth
  • and MORE!

This is what Abby said about planning the party-

“This year I had to figure out a theme for my daughter turning two. She is not into fancy things or princesses or pink, and she adores the little blue guy, Pocoyo and his friends. At first I was lost thinking of how to incorporate a girly theme into the typical boyish Pocoyo. I decided to use both pink and blue to combine girl elements with the traditional blue Pocoyo.

I used a cut-out print for Pocoyo and his friends all over the hall. The most amazing area I believe was the photobooth, where I made hot air balloons landing and had Pocoyo & Elly waiting for the guests. The kids had fun playing with the ‘make believe garden’ and the parents had fun too.”

The cake and cupcakes were made exclusively by Miss Muna of Cake Shopping

The Cookies were creatively design by Patty’s Cookies 

Photography by NazimZafri Photography

The Decorations made exclusive from the mom of the birthday girl- Abby Creative Designs

Items used in this Girly Pocoyo Party available in Kara’s Party Ideas Shop:

Girly Pocoyo Party via Kara's Party Ideas | Kara'sPartyIdeas.com #Girly #Pocoyo #Party #Planning #Idea #Decorations (28)

Girly Pocoyo Party via Kara's Party Ideas | Kara'sPartyIdeas.com #Girly #Pocoyo #Party #Planning #Idea #Decorations (21)

Girly Pocoyo Party via Kara's Party Ideas | Kara'sPartyIdeas.com #Girly #Pocoyo #Party #Planning #Idea #Decorations (1)

Girly Pocoyo Party via Kara's Party Ideas | Kara'sPartyIdeas.com #Girly #Pocoyo #Party #Planning #Idea #Decorations (29)

Girly Pocoyo Party via Kara's Party Ideas | Kara'sPartyIdeas.com #Girly #Pocoyo #Party #Planning #Idea #Decorations (2)

Girly Pocoyo Party via Kara's Party Ideas | Kara'sPartyIdeas.com #Girly #Pocoyo #Party #Planning #Idea #Decorations (3)

Girly Pocoyo Party via Kara's Party Ideas | Kara'sPartyIdeas.com #Girly #Pocoyo #Party #Planning #Idea #Decorations (4)

Girly Pocoyo Party via Kara's Party Ideas | Kara'sPartyIdeas.com #Girly #Pocoyo #Party #Planning #Idea #Decorations (5)

Girly Pocoyo Party via Kara's Party Ideas | Kara'sPartyIdeas.com #Girly #Pocoyo #Party #Planning #Idea #Decorations (6)

Girly Pocoyo Party via Kara's Party Ideas | Kara'sPartyIdeas.com #Girly #Pocoyo #Party #Planning #Idea #Decorations (7)

Girly Pocoyo Party via Kara's Party Ideas | Kara'sPartyIdeas.com #Girly #Pocoyo #Party #Planning #Idea #Decorations (8)

Girly Pocoyo Party via Kara's Party Ideas | Kara'sPartyIdeas.com #Girly #Pocoyo #Party #Planning #Idea #Decorations (9)

Girly Pocoyo Party via Kara's Party Ideas | Kara'sPartyIdeas.com #Girly #Pocoyo #Party #Planning #Idea #Decorations (11)

Girly Pocoyo Party via Kara's Party Ideas | Kara'sPartyIdeas.com #Girly #Pocoyo #Party #Planning #Idea #Decorations (12)

Girly Pocoyo Party via Kara's Party Ideas | Kara'sPartyIdeas.com #Girly #Pocoyo #Party #Planning #Idea #Decorations (13)

Girly Pocoyo Party via Kara's Party Ideas | Kara'sPartyIdeas.com #Girly #Pocoyo #Party #Planning #Idea #Decorations (14)

Girly Pocoyo Party via Kara's Party Ideas | Kara'sPartyIdeas.com #Girly #Pocoyo #Party #Planning #Idea #Decorations (15)

Girly Pocoyo Party via Kara's Party Ideas | Kara'sPartyIdeas.com #Girly #Pocoyo #Party #Planning #Idea #Decorations (18)

Girly Pocoyo Party via Kara's Party Ideas | Kara'sPartyIdeas.com #Girly #Pocoyo #Party #Planning #Idea #Decorations (19)

Girly Pocoyo Party via Kara's Party Ideas | Kara'sPartyIdeas.com #Girly #Pocoyo #Party #Planning #Idea #Decorations (20)

Girly Pocoyo Party via Kara's Party Ideas | Kara'sPartyIdeas.com #Girly #Pocoyo #Party #Planning #Idea #Decorations (22)

Girly Pocoyo Party via Kara's Party Ideas | Kara'sPartyIdeas.com #Girly #Pocoyo #Party #Planning #Idea #Decorations (23)

Girly Pocoyo Party via Kara's Party Ideas | Kara'sPartyIdeas.com #Girly #Pocoyo #Party #Planning #Idea #Decorations (24)

Girly Pocoyo Party via Kara's Party Ideas | Kara'sPartyIdeas.com #Girly #Pocoyo #Party #Planning #Idea #Decorations (25)

Girly Pocoyo Party via Kara's Party Ideas | Kara'sPartyIdeas.com #Girly #Pocoyo #Party #Planning #Idea #Decorations (26)

Girly Pocoyo Party via Kara's Party Ideas | Kara'sPartyIdeas.com #Girly #Pocoyo #Party #Planning #Idea #Decorations (27)

Girly Pocoyo Party via Kara's Party Ideas | Kara'sPartyIdeas.com #Girly #Pocoyo #Party #Planning #Idea #Decorations (30)

Girly Pocoyo Party via Kara's Party Ideas | Kara'sPartyIdeas.com #Girly #Pocoyo #Party #Planning #Idea #Decorations (31)

Girly Pocoyo Party via Kara's Party Ideas | Kara'sPartyIdeas.com #Girly #Pocoyo #Party #Planning #Idea #Decorations (32)

Items used in this Girly Pocoyo Party available in Kara’s Party Ideas Shop:

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