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Kara's Party Ideas United States Tour and Workshop KarasPartyIdeas.com Sugar Coated Mama 2

Everyone has been buzzing about my AUSTRALIAN TOUR & upcoming BRAZILIAN TOUR and have been asking why I’m not doing a US tour. Well, today we have something to tell you! 

KarasPartyIdeas.com & Sugar Coated Mama are excited to announce the…

Kara’s Party Ideas UNITED STATES TOUR- Party Conference & Workshop! 

I’m SOOOOO excited! More details coming soon!

If you’re interested in being a vendor at a workshop near you email us at [email protected] for details.

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  1. Cayse says:

    Please PLEASE say you are coming to Denver. You have to!!

  2. Fabs..... says:

    Pleeease… and to Miami, Florida….. ::)

  3. TMZ says:

    Is Honolulu Hawaii on the list?!! Plz!

  4. Trisha says:

    Dallas, Texas, pretty please!!

  5. Wendy Byde says:

    PLEASE come to California! Southern California!!!

  6. Cristy says:

    Come to Northeast PA or Philly! I can even travel to NYC!

  7. Rachel says:

    Would LOVE to see you in Atlanta!

  8. Kisha says:

    Hoping NYC will be on the list?

  9. Juliana Reis says:

    Im waiting the Brazilian Tour! =)

  10. Fabs... says:

    Dear Kara… Do you have a Date for USA Tour?… We are waiting!!! :) Please, advise….