Kara's Party Ideas Very Berry Holiday Strawberry Tree to serve at your next party!

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I love this HOLIDAY STRAWBERRY TREE idea! Such a beautiful way to serve strawberries at your next party! It is the season to be crafty! The holidays are quickly approaching and Driscoll’s, growers of the world’s finest strawberries, wants to inspire you to create a berry centerpiece that will amaze friends and family!

No need to spend a fortune on your holiday parties. This Very Berry Holiday Tree is a simple way to brighten up any room and get the whole family involved in the festivities!

Strawberry Tree DIY Tutorial / instructions

Items needed:

one floral foam or green Styrofoam cone (4-5 inches in diameter at the base and 12 inches high)
box of toothpicks
Four 1-kb containers of fresh Driscoll strawberries
1 bunch fresh mint
1 slice from a carambola fruit (also known as star fruit)*
*Note: If you can’t find a carambola, you can use a 1-inch star-shaped cookie cutter to cut out a star shape from a mango slice instead.

Directions / DIY Tutorial:
1. Wash the strawberries and blot them dry with paper towels. Pull off the green stem from each strawberry. Reserve a perfect strawberry for the top of the ‘tree’.
2. Push a toothpick halfway into the side of the cone, about 1/2 inch from the bottom edge. Secure a strawberry to the toothpick, piercing it through the stem end. Secure another strawberry right next to the first one. Continue securing strawberries to the cone in circular rows up to its top, covering the cone completely. Secure the reserved strawberry to the top of the tree.
3. Remove some mint leaves from the bunch of mint and tuck them between the berries, placing them at about 3-inch intervals.
4. Secure the star-shaped carambola or mango slice to the top of the cone using a toothpick.

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  1. william snell says:

    nice tree a little chocolate and sabayon sauce