Kara's Party Ideas Demi Lovatto Rockstar Birthday Party

This fabulous DEMI LOVATTO ROCKSTAR BIRTHDAY PARTY was submitted by Drika Bauman of Lulu Celebrate.

This is such a fantasitc party! I especially love all of the fabulous cookies; they’re so fun and unique! I also love all of the bright colors used in it and how they are accented against the black! This party is so fun and is full of ideas that would work perfectly for not only a birthday party, but a karaoke party as well!

The Demi Lovatto Rockstar party ideas and elements to look for from this fun-filled event are:

  • The fabulous cookies
  • The cute black and white polka dot cake
  • The fun backdrop with song lyrics on it
  • The cute juice boxes wrapped like ipods
  • The awesome lipstick mouths framed and used as a backdrop
  • The fun stationery and labels
  • and MORE!

Decoration and Visual Identity: Lulu Celebrate
Furniture Rental: Bina Aluguel Provençal
Cake: Aline Rodrigues
Baloons:  CravoeCanela Decorações
Decorative Pieces: Maria Frufru Célia Lourenço
Water Bottle Labels: Andréa Gimenez
Cookies: Bolinhos da Mila and Paula Mendes
Alfajor: Nanda Teixeira
Tubes and mini Kit Kat cakes: Lizbeth Oliveira
Macaron: Débora Pâtisserie Macaron
Flowers: Agatha Costa
Placas divertidas, guloseimas Adriana Ribeiro
Itens Vintade Daniela Gris
Doces Dona Lu
Fotos Rebeca Bernal Galtes
Fun cards and goodies: Andressa Belo Talheres Bordados
Pouches: Cibele Lotito Lima
Dj Jan Valverde Pontes
Mini cupcakes Mary Costa
Crepes: Luhe Buffet
Picture Frames and colored bottles: Chiquita Festa

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