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Halloween Witch Hat pull string party popper piñata! By Family Fun on Kara's Party Ideas KarasPartyIdeas.com

How adorable are these Witch Topper Party Poppers from FamilyFun Magazine?!

Packing the punch of piñatas without the mess and tears, these spellbinding little hats spill goodies when the tags are pulled. Display them on hooks or a branch. When it’s time to pop them, take each hat down, then hold the cone in one hand while pulling the string with the other.


The Brim
1. Trace a 3½-inch lid on black construction paper and a 1½-inch lid once on cereal-box cardboard and twice on white paper. Cut out all the circles, then stack the black and cardboard circles as shown, securing them with a glue stick. With a pushpin, pierce a center hole.
2. For the pull string, knot a 10-inch length of baker’s twine to make a loop with a 1-inch-long tail. Thread the loop through a yarn needle and pull it through the brim’s center hole. Tape the tail ends down as shown.
3. Write Boo! on the white circles. With the twine between them, adhere them back-to-back with glue.

The Cone
1. Trace a 9-inch plate on the black paper. Cut out the circle, fold it in half, and cut along the fold.
2. For the hanger, knot a 10-inch length of twine into a loop. Tape it to a halfcircle as shown. Roll the paper into a cone with a 2¼-inch opening and secure it with tape.
3. Roll a 30-inch length of black crepe paper streamer and cut fringe through all the layers.
4. Starting at the cone’s bottom edge, use a glue stick to attach the fringed streamer, winding it around and slightly overlapping it as you go. At the tip, trim the excess. Glue the end down.

Set the cone in a paper cup, pointed side down. Fill it with treats. Add a line of white glue around the cone’s edge and add the brim, with the tag side out. Let the glue dry before hanging.

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