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For this week’s Flashback Friday feature, we have the cutest revamp from a party 5 years ago called

Beach Baby Birthday Party.

Sand castle cake from Beach Baby Birthday Party via Kara's Party Ideas

This party’s venue is the sandy beaches of bliss. Okay, maybe not bliss exactly on the map, but most definitely this venue would add such a great element to any party!

The superb elements from this party can be recreated for any additional party, including the following portions:

  • Tie in the party theme with the venue
  • Place unexpected elements in your party (such as the fully decorated party table in the sand at the beach)
  • Use paper elements to highlight your theme
  • Gorgeous and memorable themes often have copious amounts of pretty fabrics, ribbons, and flowers

Even though we’ve seen a steady evolution of parties over the past 5 years, including the introduction of complex party backdrops, dedicated party spaces, and plenty of unique party ideas, this party still embodies many classic party elements that still attend parties today.

Beach Baby Birthday Party: Flashback Friday

Meringue filled pails from Beach Baby Birthday Party via Kara's Party Ideas

Party table on the beach from Beach Baby Birthday Party via Kara's Party Ideas

Head on over to the party and check out all of the details inside! There are many more pictures to see.


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