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You know the written and unwritten social laws about timing. No white after Labor Day, don’t double dip, never ask a woman if she is pregnant (or her age, weight, or anything else really….), always face the door when riding an elevator, and the always debatable question, “Is it okay to put up Christmas before Thanksgiving?” But, my quandary this fine August evening is this: is too soon for Halloween? (Please say no, please say no, please say no…..)

Just an itty-bitty touch of Halloween, my friends?

I’m going for it!

Flashback Friday: Halloween!

So, I could show you this Walking Dead Zombie Themed Birthday Party, but that wouldn’t be much of a flashback as it was just featured a few short weeks ago, and I would LOVE to show you these darling Kitty Cat Halloween Cupcakes, but, again, it was just last year.

No, I think I will Flashback to this ‘The Witch is In’ Halloween Party

Licorice brooms and printable from The Witch is In Children's Halloween Party at Kara's Party Ideas

Taffy, Resees Brooms, and Cotton Candy from The Witch is In Children's Halloween Party at Kara's Party Ideas

See more of this classic bewitching party by clicking on the link above and heading over to the original party!

And, I may or may not promise to wait until at least September to share anymore spooky excitement with you.

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