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Crazy Hair Day Ideas- Green Grass & Bugs! Red Ribbon Week Ideas via Kara's Party Ideas.

My kids are celebrating Red Ribbon Week at school, and one of the themed days is crazy hair day. My boys love this day and they really wanted to come up with something awesome to do this year. We hopped on the internet and took a look around at available products, and with the wonderful imaginations of my boys, we came up with these awesome crazy hair day ideas!

Bugs in the Grass Crazy Hair DIY

DIY number one is perfectly pointed blades of green grass hair with a nice colony of bugs. We used the following products for this style:

Green Hair Paint purchased here.

Small Plastic Insects / Bugs purchased here.

Hair Glue (to adhere the insects) purchased here.

Crazy Hair Day Ideas- Surf's Up Surfer Dude! Red Ribbon Week Ideas via Kara's Party Ideas.

Surfer Dude Crazy Hair DIY

Surf the killer wave and watch out for sharks with this DIY. To keep the surf board and rider in place, I hot glued a hair clip onto the bottom of the surf board. The other supplies are the following:

Surfer Dude purchased here.

First, form your wave with a strong holding gel (I LOVE this brand of gel..it holds the best)!

Spray with Blue Hair Paint (I purchased mine here).

Crazy Hair Day Ideas- Spiders and Spider Webs! Red Ribbon Week Ideas via Kara's Party Ideas.

Spider Web Crazy Hair DIY

Not just for Halloween, this arachnid-approved hair style is going to cause a stir! The supplies needed are as follows:

Spider webbing (available year round here).

Hair Glue (to adhere the spiders) purchased here.

Small Plastic Spiders purchased here.

Whether you use these ideas for your own crazy hair day at school or as part of a themed event, I am sure you will have a blast recreating the look!

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