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Life is made up of messy firsts, both monumental milestones and daily small accomplishments, this is especially true when raising children. From the first birthday cake smash, to the first attempt at using utensils, Bounty Paper Towels absorb the messes and spills quickly so that you can focus on enjoying the moment.

Motherhood Absolutes

There are few absolutes when it comes to motherhood. Your little one might be a night owl who gives you luggage under your eyes from lack of sleep, your early walker might turn into a daredevil who loves to give you a heart attack as you constantly rescue him from the top of the steep stairs, or you might be blessed with one of those little ladies who is going to give you an ulcer as you worry if she is eating enough!

You can’t count on your baby’s first year being exactly as outlined in the multiple baby books your poured over while nesting. However, there are a few things you can count on: first, the first year of your baby’s life goes by faster than you ever thought it would–much to the dismay of your mother-heart; and second, you can never have enough cleaning supplies on hand to keep up with the impending second year and toddler-hood. With family company’s like Bounty, you can be sure that your paper towels will go the distance, giving you the go-to cleaning power that a busy, sleep deprived mother needs, starting with the 1st birthday party!

First Birthday Party

Celebrating your wee-one’s birthday calls for a special birthday bash! You have probably been considering 1st birthday party ideas since before birth! We’ve got the details for a 1st birthday party theme complete with stellar jungle animal cupcakes, little chubby-hand approved utensils, and so much more! Scroll through the photos and see these easily-recreated one year old birthday party details!

Party Styling / Photography- Kara Allen | Kara’s Party Ideas


A colorful birthday invitation is the first clue to the party theme! This one incorporates simple, colorful outlines of jungle animals heading toward the celebration.


The colorful jungle animal party theme is carried through into these animal figurines. If you can’t find jungle animals in the colors you want, spray paint is your best friend!


Simple mini milk jars adorned with twine are perfect for chubby little hands…and worries are abated as you easily clean up inevitable spills with your Bounty paper towels.


Bounty is there to clean up the messes so parents can enjoy those memorable moments. Bounty is a more absorbent paper towel. This means the roll lasts longer so you don’t need to use as much to tackle the food splats, water spills and messy fingerprints left after a party…or really, on any given day!


Candle adorned jungle animals (tutorial on how to make them found here) sit atop these individual cupcakes–perfect food for little hands! See more first birthday party food ideas here.


First Birthday Activities


One of the first birthday activities you can do with your party-goers is a sensory exploration activity. Children at this age are taking in everything they can with touch, smell, sight, and hearing! Having an activity that capitalizes on this is perfect!

  • A basket of ice can represent your animal friend the polar bear.
  • Feathers and a bird whistle represent the birds of the jungle.
  • Many jungle animal sounds downloaded to your digital device offer hours of entertainment.

These are just a few ideas, there are plenty of options for an activity like this!





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