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One of the first essential discoveries made by humans is fire. Fire and flames changed the way humans ate, warmed themselves, and much more. Essentially, for over almost a million years, fire has been an integral part of human civilization.

Ever since that first spark though, some things have remained the same. This includes the soot, ashes, and the stifling smoke of an outdoor fire.

Sure, it’s fun to gather round the fire pit and roast marshmallows, but who wants to commit to an immediate shower, and hair and clothes washing when you come inside?

Embrace the evolution of the flame with The Clean-Burn Tabletop System. TIKI Brand has created a system where you can enjoy all the benefits of an outdoor fire without the mess and stifling smoke!

Clean Burn Tabletop Firepieces and Clean Burn Torch Fuel

TIKI Brand Tabletop Firepieces are revolutionary because they have a bright flame that not only adds to the ambiance and light of the party, but they are environmentally and budget-friendly by providing a reusable Roundwick burner-system that provides up to three hours of burn time with each fill.

The system can easily be placed on bistro or end tables throughout any gathering, and they come in many different sizes, textures, and colors to fit your particular style.

Because the system uses a plant-based, no petroleum formula, you’ll notice dramatically less smoke and no unpleasant odors!

Because TIKI Brand Clean Burn Firepieces creates a brighter flame, it’s designed to be used outdoors and with the Clean Burn Torch Fuel only. As mentioned earlier, the system is also budget-friendly. In fact, use code TIKI5OFFCB on tikibrand.com for $5 off when you purchase the Clean Burn Torch Fuel and a Clean Burn Firepiece. Find more info here: tikibrand.com/promotions.

So, change the way you see fire and embrace the evolution of the flame.  This is big. Really big.

This post was sponsored by TIKI Brand. Compensation and or products may have been received in conjunction with the is partnership; however, all views are 100% true and my very own.

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  1. natalie waggoner says:

    can you roast marshmallows over the flame?