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Do you ever wonder how party planners “get it all done?” I work from home, so that means I work in my office, as my kids are playing in the sprinklers outside, at the park, and while my husband is driving us to dinner. My work is super flexible, but that also means that I have to be flexible too. My secret weapon is my smartphone. Yes, I use my phone for everything from menu planning, online orders, and Pinterest-browsing to creating the perfect playlist and coordinating all of my vendors. I can keep track of it all while on-the-go with just a few swipes on my phone.

Using data that doesn’t cost a fortune is a huge bonus, which is why I’m excited to partner with Straight Talk Wireless to share my party planning tips with all of you!

Summer Data Sizzle

Did you know that Straight Talk Wireless is the leading no-contract wireless provider, offering customers the best phones on the best networks for less? And, just in time for summer, Straight Talk Wireless has added more high-speed data to its unlimited $45 and $55 phone plans. You can now get more high-speed data for the same low price with the latest smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S8. Yep, you can get unlimited talk, text and the first 8GB of high-speed data then 2G* for $45. Or you can bump it to 12GB of high-speed data then 2G* for $55.

Tutti Frutti Summer Soiree

A reliable wireless plan is a must, especially in the summer when it can get pretty busy. It seems like there is always a reason to visit the pool with friends, go camping with family, and we can’t miss the local parades for Strawberry Days and Steel Days! No matter where we go I always have dependable coverage with Straight Talk Wireless. Straight Talk offers nationwide coverage on America’s largest and most dependable networks. When you are trying to plan a party on the go, reliable coverage on a dependable network is a must. And plan on the go, I did!

For this Tutti Frutti Summer Soiree I did the following from my phone:

  • Send out digital invites
  • Ordered fruit candy bottles online
  • Ordered cookies from Etsy
  • Placed an order for online groceries for the party
  • Crafted a perfect playlist for the party
  • Much more!

Party planning on my phone is so much easier when I don’t have to run from store to store finding what I need. I can browse options for partyware, decor, food, and guest favors while at a parade, on the drive to the camping spot, or during my baby’s blessed naptime. Read on to see the party pics and how I used my phone to plan this sweet summer soiree.

Party Details

I started out the party planning by sending out an invitation to all my guests using the Invitd app on my Samsung Galaxy S8 (Straight Talk Wireless offers the latest phones on the best networks, all for less – including the Samsung Galaxy S8.)

Aren’t the watermelon drink holders just adorable? I used a watermelon as my “anchor” piece in this party with the drinks and small plates. I used bold colors to help my table pop such as the yellow striped plates and lemon favors.

My favorite part of this tablescape is the candy in fruit bottles that are used as the table runner. Varying shapes and colors make this table runner so much fun! I ordered the candy online using my phone.

I ordered the cookies from Etsy while waiting for my son to get finished with piano lessons.

Colorful melon in a yellow bowl adds a fun element as far as the food is concerned.

Online grocery ordering makes my life so much better. I made an online grocery order for all of this scrumptious fruit.

Music playing during party from the playlist I curated while waiting for the parade to begin. I plugged the phone in to this oh-so-fun speaker.

Finally, with Straight Talk, there are no contracts, no credit checks and no mystery fees – switching providers is easy and you’ll save money on your monthly bill. Plus, you can plan your own fun summer party!

Straight Talk phones and service plans are available exclusively at Walmart stores and online at StraightTalk.com. For more information and ways to save, visit StraightTalk.com today!

This post has been sponsored by Straight Talk. All opinions and views are my very own.
*At 2G speeds, the functionality of some data applications, such as streaming audio or video may be affected. Please refer always to the latest Terms and Conditions of Service at StraightTalk.com.

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    The fruit candy up the middle of the table is so darling and fun! Great ideas!

  2. Ambar Arias says:

    where can I find those fruit bottles??

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    Where can I find the watermelon cups?