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Curb appeal is all about creating the right look with colors, materials, and design that will make a passerby stop and take in the glorious sight. When Halloween rolls around, you need to tweak your curb appeal game a bit. Step it up a notch. With this DIY Hanging Witch Umbrella tutorial, we’ve got you covered! Plus, it’s a unique and fun idea that will make all the little trick-or-treat ghosts and goblins want to stop by, just to see if there really is a real witch under the umbrella!

DIY Hanging Witch Umbrellas

Don’t even worry or cackle in despair, all of the materials and DIY instructions for this darling decorations are right over at Oriental Trading’s blog! Head over there to see it all!

DIY Hanging Witch Umbrellas via Kara's Party Ideas

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