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The latest installment in the Star Wars films is fast approaching! Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters December 15! But, you don’t have to wait to start celebrating! I am sure you have little fans just begging to have Rey buns or Stormtrooper gear for their Halloween costumes. You can make their Halloween fun even more galactically spectacular with this Halloween Star Wars Yoda Fizzy Recipe we have created in partnership with Bounty!

Bounty is celebrating now as well with the release of its new, limited-edition Star Wars prints. On shelves now and available in both paper towels and quilted napkins, the prints feature some of your favorite Star Wars characters, and are a perfect fit for Halloween activities!

Intergalactic Halloween Fun

Whether you are making our Yoda Fizzy recipe or taking part in any of the other traditional Halloween activities such as carving pumpkins, crunching rice crispy treats, creating costumes, or forming ooey, gooey popcorn balls, the mess created by Halloween fun can be downright scary for the parent in charge of clean-up!

Bounty and their Star Wars prints can help manage the mess and mayhem of all things Halloween with a clean-as-you-go mindset! Let Bounty help you clean up your messes as they happen so you aren’t stuck in a haunted house of creative disaster! Start with the delicious Yoda Soda recipe here!

Halloween Star Wars Yoda Fizzy Recipe

Create Star Wars-themed Halloween fun this year starting with this delicious Yoda drink! Don’t forget to have lots of Bounty Star Wars paper goods on hand to clean as you go!

Ingredients/Items needed:

lime sherbet

sparkling water

green sprinkles

Step 1- Scoop the lime sherbet in glasses or cups. I used glasses so you can see the full effect of the Yoda fizz.

Step 2- Add sparkling water to your glass, creating fun bubbles.

Step 3- Garnish your creation with green sprinkles. Or, as a healthier option, garnish with fresh fruit or mint leaves!

Enjoy, you will!

This post is sponsored by Bounty.

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    my kids will love this for their halloween party! thanks so much. we love bounty too.