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There is something ethereal about heading to the mountains. About leaving behind all of the cares, responsibilities, and worries that weigh on your mind; about connecting with nature. The cool air, earthy smells, and crunch of twigs, leaves, and pine needles underfoot.

It’s no wonder then that so often we try to bring those mountains back to our homes. I wanted to do just that for this Little Lumberjack Baby Shower. What a better occasion to go back to our mountainous simplicity than when celebrating the birth of a new baby?

I tried to include all of my favorite camping or mountainous elements when celebrating my dear friends new little lumberjack. They include the following:

  • Lip-smacking s’mores cupcakes
  • Delicious salad greens
  • Vintage insulated coolers
  • Ice cold root beer
  • Darling clothesline banner
  • Scrumptious tree trunk cake
  • Tree slices for display
  • Colorful trail mix bar
  • Pinecone accents
  • Fruit-filled waffle cones

Vendor Credits:

Party Styling / Photography- Kara’s Party Ideas | Kara Allen
Cookies- White Rose Cookies
Lumberjack Adventure Printables- Jeannine Aubrey Design
You are our greatest adventure printable- Simple Everyday Mom
Cupcakes- Wendy Pendleton

Take a look and let me know what your favorite elements are and what you love about the mountains!

Little Lumberjack Baby Shower

S’mores cupcakes thanks to my wonderful friend Wendy: look at those beautifully toasted marshmallows!

One of my favorite greens: oriental crunch salad

Pinecones and acorns with evergreen accents

Look at the beautiful chocolate faux-bark on this cake!

Ice cold root beer on ice in a vintage green cooler.

Adorable little lumberjack sugar cookies.

Fun Kit Kat lumberjack “sticks”

Basket of flash light thank you party favors for guests.

Little lumberjack baby clothing banner.

Tiny tree slices, green pine trees and compasses made a darling confetti.

Fun “Guess the Baby Food” baby shower game.

Themed papers with room to write advice to the new parents-to-be.

Rustic teepee tent to store all the gifts.

Boxes at the build your own trail mix station.

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  3. Hi! Thank you so much for the tagging me in the printables!! Sadly I stopped for almost 2 years but started it all up again this past month! My shop is now Lily Lane Designs & Co. Is there any chance you could update that please? Thank you again so much!

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