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Pictures of vanilla ice cream and a yummy incredible hulk looking shamrock shake | Kara's Party Ideas

St. Patricks Day. Gotta love it! Rainbows, leprechauns, and gold….oh the gold! Now, if I am being honest, I have found loads and loads of gold coins in my life. Most of them are the kind that you take the gold foil wrapping off to expose a perfectly curated chocolate coin. For some reason, my bank laughed me out of the lobby when I tried to exchange them for some crisp dollar bills ya’ll.

I may have gotten laughed out of the bank, but I’ll tell you what will keep you in the good graces of all who know and love you—this Simple Shamrock Shake Recipe.

You can make it for your little leprechaun hunters, for a St. Patty’s Day party, or even for yourself as a little treat when you finally fall into the couch after dying every liquid in the house green in preparation for the kids to declare how “gross” the cereal is with green milk in it the following morning.

Here is the recipe:

Simple Shamrock Shake Recipe

The ingredients are simple:

Vanilla ice cream
Soda pop

I used Jones Green Apple Soda, but you can use Sprite, Squirt, or 7-up dyed green. It is totally up to you!

Step 1: Scoop some vanilla ice cream into your glasses
Vanilla Ice Cream being scooped into glasses for Simple Shamrock Shakes | Kara's Party Ideas

Step 2: Pour soda into glasses being careful not to overfill-it does foam!
Vanilla ice cream and green apple soda in a glass for a simple shamrock shake | Kara's Party Ideas

Step 3: Enjoy!

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