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Who Say's Your Food Can't Match Your Decor? Delicious Hummus in all flavors! By Kara's Party Ideas


As a party planner, my job is to take an ordinary day, a day like any other, and turn it into an extraordinary day. A day for celebration! I do this through invitations, changing the space to make it bright, colorful and inviting, and gathering my friends and family together for a celebration. 

I want to introduce to you my latest bash: “Who Says Your Food Can’t Match Your Décor?” using colorful and delicious hummus from Lantana Foods. I was so excited to style this neighborhood get together because sometimes we just need a reason to stop the mundane and add some life-changing color to the day. I want to focus on the steps to creating a celebration like this one. As I mentioned before, I invite, make it bright, and gather.

Invitation: The invitation is the first step to any party or gathering. It sets the tone for the celebration and conveys the information needed to attend the party. Just like my neighborhood get together invitation, I want to also invite you to try Lantana’s hummus in all of her remarkably colorful and delectable flavors. Trust me. It’s worth celebrating.

Make it Bright: One of my primary goals is to create a bright, inviting space; nothing bland or dull here. This goes for the food as well! Remember, no one ever said your food couldn’t match your décor. You can do it in a healthier way with Lantana, the “other bean” hummus. It comes in out-of-the-box colors like yellow, orange, green – even purple – and is made from ingredients like carrots, beets, black beans, edamame and white beans. It brightens up your food table and your taste buds.

I can’t even tell you how much fun I had with these Lantana “other bean” hummus colors and flavors! It was such an easy way to add color to my party and my food. No boring and bland hummus dip here!!

Gather: It makes my heart happy to have my friends and family together. Our grandmother’s know how to accomplish this and they do it successfully as they bake, sauce, puree, mix, and season their way to a delicious family meal. The problem is, I don’t have the time or inclination to be in the kitchen for that many hours.

For this reason, I love healthy and delicious food that appeals to everyone that doesn’t leave me in the kitchen unable to enjoy my guests. Lantana hummus has so many delicious flavors and they are gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan and certified kosher so everyone that I love can enjoy them. Plus, we all know that we eat with our eyes first, and these colorful hummus flavors really step up to the plate. Grandma would be proud!

Read on to see what I did with my colorful gathering and my favorite flavors of Lantana hummus for my neighborhood bash.

Who Says Your Food Can’t Match Your Decor?

Look at that!! The pink hue just calls your name! You can bet it calls your cracker’s name too!

A rainbow in the making! Who knew hummus could be so colorful!

Cucumber made with white beans and edamame, topped with cucumber and dill. I LOVE cucumber and dill and I think this one is especially perfect for summer gatherings.

Yellow Lentil made with yellow lentils and white beans, topped with sunflower seeds and apricots. The crunch from the sprinkled sunflower seeds was delightful.

It’s so gorgeous you may not want to disturb the beauty. Dive in. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you for it.


Beet made with white beans and topped with diced beets. This color is my favorite; thank you beets!

The healthy beets make this healthy dip look like a party waiting to happen!

Sriracha Carrot made with white beans and topped with sunflower seeds and carrots. A little sriracha kick for excitement.

Edamame made with edamame and white beans, topped with roasted red pepper and toasted sesame seeds. Green never tasted so good!


3-Pepper made with white beans and cayenne, chipotle and jalapeno peppers. If you need more than the sriracha can give, this spicy number can help you out!


Made with fresh ingredients, you can’t go wrong with adding these colorful players to your party lineup!


This post is sponsored by Lantana.

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