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It’s wedding time! This is the moment that she’s dreamt about and planned since she was 6 years old. And you? You are her best friend. It’s you who knows that she’s been dreaming about this day since she was 6; because you were right by her side, your pigtails entwined as you sat, your backs against the old oak tree. You each had a sketchbook, you called them your “Dreamy Diaries”. It’s in these books that you planned all the details of your future.

As you sit looking through the old, tattered pages of those books together, your heads resting against each other once again, you can’t help but smile at your childhood hopes and dreams. You want to catch the essence of these dreams in the bridal shower you are planning for her!

Give a nod to a childhood favorite–the guessing game, with this, Guess The Dress: Bridal Shower Party Activity + Game Idea! I’ve partnered with FUJIFILM instax to showcase this trendy new bridal shower party game.  It is the perfect bridal shower game idea because it has two equal parts. A)Easy-to-Create, Swoon-Worthy Elements B)All About the DRESS!

Plus, I am SO excited about their new camera! It has square photos!!! Dreams DO come true!

Guess The Dress: Bridal Shower Party Activity + Game Idea Tutorial

Step 1: Pack your new  FUJFILM instax SQUARE® SQ6 camera  in the “essentails” bag for your trips to scout out the perfect wedding dress.

The FUJIFILM instax camera can be purchased here!

Step 2: While the bride-to-be tries on her potential wedding dresses, snap a photo in each dress. Remember that the pictures are now square, yay!

Step 3: Find the PERFECT dress and buy it, girl! BUT, keep it a secret! Don’t let anyone know but you and the bride-to-be (And mom, I am sure! Don’t leave mom out…..).

To create the swoon-worthy game board:

Step 1: Gather your supplies-

Instructions: Start out by writing ‘guess the dress’ on acrylic sheeting with a paint marker. Then, hang the sign on a copper pipe stand. Next, generously adorn the stand with eucalyptus leaves and flowers. Finally, label the photos that you took with your  FUJIFILM instax photos and tape them to your sign.

When your guests arrive have sheets of paper where they can make their guess. At the end of the shower, you can reveal the chosen dress! Read on to see more photos of this bridal shower game and decor!

As you can see, this is a trendy and memorable bridal shower game, but it also doubles as gorgeous bridal shower decor! As you create this bridal shower game, you will be adding to the “dreamy diaries” and helping your best friend have the best wedding ever!

This post is sponsored by Fujifilm and compensation may have been received, however, all opinions are 100% authentic and my own.


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