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It has finally happened! Today is the day! All my dreams have come true thanks to the AMAZING designers at Michaels! My two true loves, organization and hip party decor, have intersected to create the best of both worlds! Before I found the new Lexington cart, I thought that being organized did not equate to having stylish party decor. I couldn’t be more wrong!

Take a look at the new yellow Lexington cart available at your local Michaels or online at Michaels.com. They also debuted the new Hudson and Essex carts that I highly recommend for stylish organization as well. Read on to see exactly why I am so excited to share this find with you and how I use the Lexington cart.


Ice Cream Sorbet Party with the New Lexington Cart

I got my hip yellow cart just in time for the Ice Cream Sorbet Party I was styling. Of course, I headed to Michaels to find inspiration and pick up some supplies and must-have’s for the bash, and I stumbled upon the new popping colors of the Lexington Cart (plus the other new carts as well!). I am so glad that I was in Michaels because if I had just gone to my local big box store for some paper plates, I would have missed it!

Doesn’t it look amazing?! All of the party supplies that I need, nestled so organized, are in this cart that was SO easy to prepare before the party. Plus, when I wheel it into the party I will make a splash! I can imagine the collective “oohs and ahhs”! Organization and style at it’s best!

When the party is over, I can organize all of the remaining party items and wheel it back to the storage room where it is easily accessible and ready to go for the next event. My only worry is trying to decide how many of each new cart I should get to organize the rest of my party goodies from the makers at Michaels!

Don’t let this stylish organizational solution pass you by! Head over to Michaels to get a Lexington cart of your own!

*This post has been sponsored by Michaels. Compensation may have been received, however, all views are 100% true and my very own.

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  1. Wendy says:

    Hi, can you tell me where you got the ice cold table/chest from?