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This post is sponsored by International Delight. All opinions are real and my very own.

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On more than one occasion I have been told that I am impulsive. And, in reality, it’s true. I crave deviation from normalcy, I love spontaneity, and I just can’t be content with the mundane.

I suppose it is part of the creative package. I love to create recipes, parties, and style my home. I thrive on taking the basic and turning it into something more. Along with that comes the need for spontaneity that leads to impulsivity. I’ve learned to channel this personality trait into the best outlets though, and it makes everyone happy.

One reason I love International Delight Vanilla Cannoli Crème Latte Creamer with its notes of cinnamon, vanilla, and almond is that it is ready to enjoy whenever I impulsively decide it’s time for dessert!

Of course, I couldn’t stop at a “dessert-whenever-I-want”. No, I had to take that sweet and creamy with a touch of that fried dough finish goodness and create an event! Introducing the Italian Cannoli Dream Valentine’s Day Party. It’s perfect for a party of 2, a family Valentine celebration, or a girl’s night in.

Italian Cannoli Dream Valentine’s Day Party



My aim in designing this party was to find the perfect mix of “uptown chic” and “understated elegance”. When I think of my loves that is how I would describe them.

I love the perfect mix of gold and the perfect palette of pink.

I love the “uptown chic” and “understated elegance” taste of the Vanilla Cannoli Crème Latte creamer, so I couldn’t stop at one sweet treat for this party. Look at these delicious cannolis just primed for a Valentine’s celebration!

The centerpiece to accent my shabby chic, chippy table is this beautiful and full floral arrangement. I love the array of colors!


Sweet and creamy? I cannoli dream.

Let’s take a look at the gold elements on the table. To accent the pink scalloped dishes, I added gold flatware, gold goblets, and these darling white napkins dotted with small gold hearts. {{collective sigh!}}

I could think of nothing better to serve with a warm cup of hot cocoa or coffee than a scrumptious stroopwafel.

An array of cookies, crisps, and other baked goodies round out the “sweetness” of this celebration of love.

After dessert, the beverage cups were filled with my guest’s favorite warm beverage. The taste-bud exciting creamer kept the party going well into the night. I cannoli dream of creamer this good!

It always makes a delicious beverage even sweeter to drink from a cute straw. In this case, we had red and white Valentine-themed straws to compliment the white and pink hot beverage cups.

We enjoyed celebrating our love with this sweet Italian bistro-inspired Valentine’s day party. Don’t forget to get your own goodies for an easy-to-style celebration. Don’t forget, you cannoli live once! So don’t miss the new Vanilla Cannoli Crème Latte creamer.

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