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We know that your Wedding ‘To Do’ list is a mile long. Let LovBe help by crossing off one of the most important tasks remaining: selecting wedding day gifts for your nearest and dearest.

A token of your gratitude, the marking of this memorable occasion, when just any gift won’t do, a thoughtfully selected piece of lab grown diamond jewelry will tick ALL of the boxes! Our Diamond Concierge has selected pieces that will be treasured as long as the day’s memories will be.

Wedding Day Gift Ideas:

For the Maid of Honor

The yin to your yang. Your ride or die. Your bestie. She’s been there through highs and lows, celebrated you at your best and held your hand during worst of times. On your wedding day, she’ll straighten your veil, hold your bouquet and stand next to you as you venture into this new chapter of your life. Mark this momentous occasion with something that she can wear forever, such as a lab grown diamond pendant.  As versatile as she is, these pendants will go from morning yoga to girls’ night out, keeping her glowing every step of the way.

LovBe’s Classic Round Solitaire Pendant is the epitome of elegance.

LovBe’s Gorgeous Solitaire Pendant is the LBD of LGD necklaces.

For the Mother of the Bride

She’s dreamed about this day as long as you have. Mark this milestone with a piece of jewelry she will treasure forever. A LovBe lab grown diamond halo pendant will reflect your heart-felt sentiments and allow her to relive memories every time she puts it on. Whether classic or embellished, these pendants will be family heirlooms in the making.

LovBe’s Vibrant Pear Halo Pendant features a pear-shaped center stone surrounded by round brilliant lab grown diamonds, creating a truly spectacular presence. 

LovBe’s Charismatic Princess Solitaire Pendant is perfect for the queen in your life.

For the Bride

Last, but certainly not least, there is the bride herself. Tradition calls for the groom to send the bride a gift on the morning of the wedding, as she prepares to become his wife. While a simple, heartfelt, handwritten note will do, we firmly believe a little added sparkle which she can wear for the rest of her life, while always being reminded of her wedding day, is the way forward. Classic diamond studs will be as appropriate with her wedding dress as they will be everyday thereafter. The only decision left to make: what diamond shape to choose?

LovBe’s Aurora Emerald Cut Ear Studs define timeless.

LovBe Starlight Oval Ear Studs will match the sparkle of her eyes.

Visit www.lovbe.com to explore all of the possibilities for your wedding day gift-giving needs!

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