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I’m so excited to share the Dino-themed birthday party that I recently styled for Squeakee the Balloon Dino! This dinosaur party is filled with fabulous ideas and fun dino-riffic details. Dinosaurs, balloons, and a birthday celebration…what could be better?!

Okay, all of you parents with Dino-loving kids, have I got something for you! Squeakee the Balloon Dino is the must-have birthday gift of the year. Part Dino, part balloon, Squeakee Dino is like no other dinosaur you’ve met before.

So today, in honor of this fun and new interactive toy, I’m sharing a birthday party with a Squeakee Dino theme! This party is filled with details and inspiration so that you can throw your very own Squeakee Dino party! I’ve even included free party printables to help make planning a breeze!

Download all of the free Dino party printables by clicking on the links throughout this post!

Squeakee The Dino Birthday Party

Squeakee Dino is bursting with personality. This Dino stomps, chomps and even dances! Pet his nose and he will nuzzle. Keep petting him and he will walk in his very own funny balloon way! He also has a big chomping balloon mouth full of teeth.

Let’s start with the main party table. Create fun dino-inspired place settings by cutting teeth marks in the corner of a small dessert plate. Free printable ROAR tags can be downloaded HERE.

A fun party backdrop takes an average party to the next level. Cover metal arch stands in coordinating fabric. Adding a large balloon garland will really add that “wow” factor.

Serve triangle corn snacks in cups or treat containers as Dino claws. Free printable Dino claws tag can be downloaded HERE.

Squeakee Dino has over 70 sounds and reactions! From awesome roars to tiny squeaks, he reacts to so many different things which makes him such a playful dinosaur. He loves to be pet and tickled, the more you tickle him the more hysterical he becomes.

Set the tone for the event with fun (and free) printable dinosaur party invitations! Download the free Dino invite HERE.

Squeakee Dino also loves to roar. Roar at him and he will roar back, but roar back too loud and you might scare him and he will run away or even pop!

Dino Dessert Table

Now for dessert! A party just isn’t a party without a dessert table!

Place small candy dinosaurs in delicious cookies and cream parfait cups.

Adorable Squeakee Dino cupcake toppers make a huge impact and dress up cupcakes with charm. Download your very own printable dinosaur cupcake toppers HERE.

Easily dress up any cake with dripping chocolate and small toy dinosaurs.

Serve vegetables and ranch dressing in small clear cups and label them with a cute “for the herbivores” sign. Download the free printable Dino herbivore sign HERE.

Use Squeakee Dino’s Bone Squeaker Toy to train him and play different games. You can even make him pop and inflate him again by pulling his tail. There is so much you can do with your new inflated best friend!

Dino Party Activity

Create a fun and interactive dinosaur party activity station with your very own fossil pit! Fill an inflatable pool with balls and hide toy dinosaur bones or other toy dinosaurs underneath the balls. Download the free printable customizable sign HERE.

Hang a cute “RAWR” pennant banner behind your fossil pit for added flair. Download the free printable dinosaur pennants by clicking on each individual letter HERE: R Pennant A Pennant W Pennant

Dino Party Favors

Send your guests home with super fun party favor bags filled with dinosaur-themed trinkets and treats. The free printable thank you bag topper can be downloaded HERE.

Dino Party Gift

This fabulous dinosaur friend will be the talk of the party and the gift that keeps on giving. Squeakee the Balloon Dino can be purchased HERE.

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