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This amazing GIRLY CIRCUS BIRTHDAY PARTY EXTRAVAGANZA submitted by Donna Baxman of Monkey Moo Moo Parties will blow you away! I am dying at how over-the-top cute this party is!!


Donna said–“My Daughter was turning 4 and I wanted to throw her a circus party that was girlie, beautiful and different. So we called it “Autumn’s Extravaganza” So My business partner Kim and I got busy:):) First thing– We knew we wanted the party under the Big Top. So we got a beautiful tent and got to work:) I had just seen the movie Water for Elephants– and so I was very inspired to find an elephant(clip art) the had the feeling of vintage–not cutesy. Which I then created the invites and had asked my amazing business partner Kim to paint the elephant on an oversized canvas as the focus point for the dessert table. I took some photos of my daughter and used them for the invite and then had a couple enlarged and hung them in spray painted frames. We wanted the painting of the elephant and the 2 pictures to be the main focus of the party. We wanted everything to be a little taller then normal–so Kim made 2 tall cakes and we had very tall candles on one of them and made an elephant and giraffe to top off the other cake. The pixy sticks were extra tall and we had cupcakes, animal crackers, cotton candy, corn dogs, circus pasta, and of course peanuts. The kids all received fun feather mask, huge sunglasses, batons that lite up, batons that had twirl ribbon, hula hoops, and jump ropes (most items were purchase at the dollar store). They played musical chairs and had a parade.”

Vendors and Credits-

Invites, favor tags, cupcake & cake toppers, pixy stick tops, banner, place cards, signage, and thank you cards: Monkey Moo Moo

Mini cupcake stands: The Papered Nest

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  2. Kathy says:

    I was wondering where I can purchase or how one goes about making the letter A, the big yellow one? It’s gorgeous!!!