Kara's Party Ideas Juicy Couture Cupcakes! Recipe + Tutorial | Kara's Party Ideas

my sister in law has a collection of ‘juicy couture’ handbags & loves the brand, ‘juicy’ so i decided to try and come up with some juicy couture cupcakes for her birthday!

i made some jumbo peanut butter chocolate cupcakes to begin with {they were yum!}…

then piped on some raspberry cream frosting i made with a jumbo #1c tip {the frosting tasted EXACTLY like cream savers!}…

and as for the cupcake toppers:

i found some wooden shapes at the craft store {crowns, hearts, royalty symbols} that worked perfectly! i got so excited when i found them! i revised them a bit and then matched the colors in photoshop and made some ‘juicy couture’ logos {gotta love google images}…which i printed, cut, and glued onto the crowns etc. i then painted some regular kitchen skewers and glued them to the backs of the shapes…and walla!

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