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You are all going to LOVE this next party. SOOO clever and just plain CUTE. This POTTY TRAINING PARTY was submitted by Mindy Starr of Creative Juice. And that it is- creative! Oh my goodness- I just adore it. Do you have a toddler that you’re trying to potty train? Throw a potty training party to get them on board!

The invite that says, “peace out pampers”, the underwear cookies and cupcakes, the “I gotta go” juice cups, the toilet paper wreath, the “potty like a rock star” tags, the “pampers toss” game- it’s all absolutely darling & so perfectly thought out!

Potty Party Details from Mindy

“In my quest to potty train my daughter I came across a philosophy to “potty train in a day”. Part of the advice was to “throw them a potty party”…well when I see party I sort of tend to go over the top. So that’s what I did. I invited all of her friends over who were “in training” & their personal trainers- the moms – for a Potty party! I looked everywhere for potty charts & things to make it a CUTE special occasion for them. But alas, I found none. So I designed printables to go with this party.

“Its Official. I’m a big kid. Peace out Pampers! Put on your big kid pants and come potty like a rock star”

Theme: gray chevron, pink, blue, & underwear!!!!

Food & refreshment:
Cake and Underwear cookies
Yogurt Parfait with coconut
Yogurt dipped pretzels with pink and blue icing drizzle
Popcorn cones
Pink lemonade & Blue Koolaid in “I gotta go” juice cups! {you are supposed to get them to drink a lot so they will have to go all day!}
Moms drank “ personal trainer” water bottles

“I’m a big kid” picture frames
Printable Potty Party Set
Toilet Paper Wreath {DIY on the blog soon}
Totsie rolls in toilet mug
Party hats
Spray painted $5 dessert stand

Diaper Toss – Peace out papmers! – Kids threw their diapers in the trash never to be used again!
Potty pedi – Girls got a pedicure from your mommy while waiting on the potty!

Each Kid got two favor bags – a #1 and a #2…. With corresponding treats to their respective actions… Yellow jelly beans and tootsie rolls!
They also each received a potty chart & a sticker sheet

Oh, and a lot of people have asked – YES it worked!”


Photography & Styling- Creative Juice
Cupcake Toppers- Lynlee’s Pettie Cakes
Cake & Cookies- Traylor Made Treats
Printables- Creative Juice
Party Hats, Sticker Chart, Favors- Creative Juice

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  1. melismama says:

    HOW Cute! Great job!

  2. Karo's fun Land says:

    What an original theme! Great party.

  3. Anonymous says:

    1. Ew on the #1 and #2 snacks.

    2. Do we really need to throw a party for every normal milestone in a kids life?

    Maybe I'm just a grump….

  4. ALM Chandler says:

    This makes me giggle! All the fabulous details – especially the toilet paper wreath!

  5. Ana Smith says:

    I adore this idea. It's a great way to get them motivated.

    As for Anonymous, personally I love my child and yes his milestones may be common and normal. But for him and me they are major accomplishments. Why would I not celebrate my child every chance that I get if I have the means to do so.

    Yes it all is normal and you may not see it as something worth celebrating but I'm the type of mother who is incredibly proud of her son and believes that encouragement and praise are essential to their well being.

    This party isn't a celebration per say of the accomplish instead it is a source of encouragement to help little ones get interested in potty training so that they can accomplish it.

  6. Gessa L. says:


    I agree with Ana. This is too cute. Do you have children?

    Yes, it looks like this party is to get the child excited about potty training. She said she read a book saying that you should create a whole "potty training" day.

    I giggle at the #1 & #2 snacks- I love that she came up with the idea. Being a mom- we deal with that every day. It's totally normal. So to see it incorporated into a party is great! So funny. I love it.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I do have children, grown ones, and I can tell you that when they were teenagers they would have been mortified to know I threw a party about their private bodily functions. To imply that those who don't celebrate every inhale and exhale of their children's lives are not proud or loving parents is insane. I think it's icky. That's all.

  8. Amy Larsen says:

    Anonymous- This party was to help the child potty train. They weren't potty trained at the time of the party. She says at the bottom that the party worked and that her child was easily potty trained from the party! It wasn't for someone who had already been potty trained, and they weren't celebrating the milestone, like you keep referring to.

    If you think potty training is icky then so be it. But there's no way to potty train without talking about it all! So why is it so bad to have a labels saying the words that we have to use when potty training? to help the child understand, and to talk about it?

    Makes complete sense. I'm sure it's very effective! Have a big party all about potty training. Encouraging the toddler all the more! Very good idea! Everything is so cute!!

  9. Christina says:

    Love this idea!

  10. Amy @ fun baby shower ideas and more says:

    This is so cute, clever and original…made me laugh out loud, love it!

  11. mindy starr cone says:

    i am so glad that you all like this idea {well…most of you lol} it was SOOOO fun to plan! my daughter and her friends STILL talk about it! It was a fun bonding experience for all of us – even the moms!
    i admit that since i am a party planner i probably went a little overboard with the details – but i laughed my way through it and had SO much fun!
    the diaper toss was a BIG hit – even if you don't have a full party i wanted to show lots of ideas and help others who may be potty training in the future!
    i wanted to take something that most moms dread and make it fun for everyone!

  12. Anonymous says:

    I just love this party! Clever and very well executed. My own children are grown but as a young mom with little ones- my kids would have loved this! Good job. I am a follower of creative juice and she does great work. I am now a new fan of Kara's Party ideas too!

  13. Aneta Hayne says:

    I love this idea, very much encouraging and playful approach to a big mile stone. I think letting your child know that all his friends go through that makes a whole big difference. My kids never had an issues with potty training, but I know plenty of kids that don't want to hear about it, or don't know how to approach that task. Attaching positive emotions to this mile stone is absolutely encouraging and helpful, and also helps parents to think about it in more relaxed way.
    Well done,and as usual amazing decor :).

  14. Melonie says:

    What a cute idea! My boy/girl twins just finished their second week diaper-free and this would be a great way to celebrate!

  15. Sarah says:

    What a cute, brilliant idea! I don't have my own children yet, but I can totally see this happening with some of my students that I teach (kindergartners and preschoolers). I only wish I HAD my own children so I can do such cute things with them!

    Anonymous – I do think you're a grump. At least you're aware of it.

  16. R. Joy de Leon says:

    woooooowwww!! Super duper cuteness!!!

  17. beckysyardcards says:

    This was such a unique idea! I loved all of the cute little set ups and phrases!

  18. Green Thumb Barbers says:

    Ewww Mr. or Mrs. or Ms. Anonymous is a Party
    " Pooper " !! If you don't like something do you really need to post negative feedback?? This party is an Amazing, Fun Idea!! I wish I could look back on having a fun party like this… And I am a guy!! The thought and creativity that went into this was Fantastic Mindy!!
    Some people obviously just had A Lot of accidents growing up and is still bitter they didn't have a Potty Party!!

  19. Jaime says:

    I'm sorry, but this is just bizarre on multiple levels.

  20. Anonymous says:

    What an absolute ridiculous waste of money. There are children starving on the other side of the world and we throw elegant potty parties? It's shameful. Really.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Are those kids throwing diapers around? Why would you teach your kid it's fun to throw diapers around?

  22. Anonymous says:

    What a stupid idea for a party and a huge waste of time and money. If I got an invite for this I would side-eye it and then throw it out. A party for a kid learning to pee in the toilet, you have got to be kidding me.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Very strange…

  24. Anonymous says:

    Weirdest party ever. I agree with the comment above – there are starving kids in the world and we spend who knows how much on something ridiculous like this. By far the dumbest party I've seen on Kara's…

  25. Anonymous says:

    And this is why most people think American children are spoiled little praise junkies. Because they get a completely over-the-top party to celebrate something that EVERY human on earth learns to do at some point. I'm sorry, but come on.

  26. mindy starr cone says:

    anyone else willing to be that ALL these anonymous comments are from ONE grumpy person! lol
    get over it. it is FUNNY.

  27. Anonymous says:

    worst. party. ever.
    how strange. how much time do you have on your hands? seriously.
    im pretty sure most kids learn to use the bathroom with out having a party to "motivate" them.
    do you plan to have a party when your child learns to write his own name? or can count? or when your daughter gets her first period?

  28. Anonymous says:

    how about when they first have sex? Now that would be quite the party! I can think of lots of ideas for that one!

  29. Anonymous says:

    That's disgusting. Anyone who thinks a party like that is in any way cute or fun is a brainless moron.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Imagine when the kid is a teenager… they'll be made fun of as being from the weird family who's parents threw a party where they pretended tootsie rolls were shit and gave them out as treats… oh god that poor guy or girl will need therapy for the abuse the party will bring them in the future…

  31. Anonymous says:

    Wow, yeah I agree, this seems WAAAY over the top, especially when you look at it from the perspective someone else pointed out: there are just so many people who struggle to feed their families, not only across the globe, but right here in our own country. I don't care for over-the-top shindigs for any reason, but especially not for potty training!
    Also, what if the kid is painfully shy and the mom is making them do something that could be mortifying? Hopefully they'd not force their kid to do something if they know that about them though.
    Not trying to pick a fight or anything like that, just wanted to add my POV.

  32. MommaOfTwo says:

    So… why are y'all wasting all kinds of time here criticizing this idea? Don't you have anything more constructive to do with your time than to sit here online bashing this lovely party a mom has thoughtfully given to her child. You are entitled to your own opinion and I wouldn't say that a mom who finds this idea silly or odd loves her kid any less than a mom who takes this idea and goes all out with it, but really get over yourself here. You've made your point. We've all heard you. Enough already. If you are truly concerned about starving children elsewhere in the`world, than perhaps you ought to consider *doing* something within your means to help them rather than sit here complaining about how someone uses the resources and talents they have to do somethg special for thier child.

    • Sarah says:

      Nope! I think commenting on how creepy this is is a perfectly good use of my time, to be honest. *shudder*

  33. MommaOfTwo says:

    Oh, and any teenager who is scarred for life over a party mom threw for him/her at age 2 has bigger issues than the fact that mom threw this party in the first place. You're really reaching here "anonymous." Get over it already, and go devote that much energy to something worthwhile, please!

  34. Megan Dumouchelle says:

    I think this is a really cute idea and a great way to reward your “Big boy” or “Big Girl” once they’ve done a great job!

  35. Robin says:


  36. Annie Rose says:

    Whatever happened to calling Daddy or Mommy at work or a Grandparent to share the good news and being rewarded with big kid undies? If parents throw a party for this bodily function just imagine the ones they can design for later bodily functions! Pimple cream cupcakes anyone? Parents, please relax over the potty process and don’t pressure your little ones to do something they may not be psychologically or physiologically ready for. They will let you know when they are ready.

  37. kathy says:

    I have heard it all now. The day I give my child a potty training party! Let alone go to one. This is by far the stupidest, creepiest idea I have ever seen! Come on people, if you have the money to so something like this, throw a birthday party for a child whose family cannot afford it or sponsor a child that needs food to eat, a blanket and a pair of shoes.
    Just seems we praise our kids for everything and expect others to do the same. It seems we need to stop trying to out do each other and get back to the basics.
    You want to encourage your kid to pee – you want to award them…go back to the potty chart in the bathroom with a smiley face or a sad face and a small prize for #2.
    Stop the craziness!

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