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I just love this TOY SHOP THEMED BIRTHDAY PARTY submitted by Nicky Sheppard of Sweet Details. The navy blue, red and white color scheme is darling. And look at how cute the toy drum cake is!

Here is what Nicky had to say about the party- “This ‘Toy Shop’ party was inspired by vintage and classic toys. I wanted to use traditional colours to unite this theme. The toy theme was carried through to the food – so, for example, meringue kisses became spinning tops and whoopie pies became yo-yo’s.”

Vendor Credits:
Chocolate bar wrappers- Mon Tresor

Photography- Giggles Photography

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  1. Love Details says:

    So cute!

  2. Mazzi says:

    How sweet!
    i love the yo yo cookies, adorable concept :)

  3. Lynn H says:

    Adorable – I have never seen anything like it. So simple but what an inpact! Love It!

  4. I love the food that actually looks like toys like the cake, cake pops and the kisses.