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What a fabulous FAVORITE THINGS CHRISTMAS PARTY submitted by Wendy Updegraff of Daydreaming and Sightseeing! Such a great holiday party idea! Make sure and read what Wendy said about the party below, so you will know what a “favorite things” party is all about! SO FUN!

Wendy said this about planning the party- “Over the weekend I hosted a Favorite Things party for a few of my girlfriends…and I definitely think it will become an annual tradition! Since glitter is way up there on the list of my favorite things, I decided to add glitter to anything and everything for this party, starting with the invites! We kept the food and drinks light, and of course my favorites…macarons, champagne and caprese! Maria of Love & Sugar Kisses made lemon, vanilla and peppermint macarons…and they were the hit of the party!

My TV presented a bit of a decorating challenge…I have gone to some extremes in the past for decorating but removing the TV from the wall seemed a tad extreme, even for me. So we wrapped it up and smacked a gift tag on it and made it part of the decor :) Of course my hubby’s first reaction was thinking I was giving his TV away as a prize.

Since not everyone knew each other at the party I had a little game for everyone while we were chatting and snacking. Everyone filled out a Favorite Things survey without putting their name on it. We mixed them up then took turns reading them and everyone tried to guess whose was whose.
Since our whole party was about shopping for new favorite items, each girl had their own shopping bag for their new goodies. Everyone was instructed to select a favorite item for around $20 and bring 3 of that item. My favorite item was actually a 2-parter. One was a glitter clutch and the other was a pack of decorative washi tapes. Everyone had great taste and it made it really hard to choose which one you wanted!!!  We had three rounds of shopping. At the beginning of each round everyone picked a piece of paper with a number on it out of a bowl. Whatever number you got was the order you got to go up to the table and choose one item. Each round the numbers were mixed up again so you went in a different order each time. We had so much fun and it was so great to relax with all of my friends in this crazy busy season. Drinking champagne and chatting until 12:30am is definitely one of my favorite things!”
Vendors and Credits:
Tassel Garland- Carmen of The Flair Exchange
Macarons- Maria of Love & Sugar Kisses
Photography- Wendy Updegraff
Items used in this party available in Kara’s Party Ideas Shop:
Striped Paper Straws
Baker’s Twine
Clear Cellophane Bags

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  1. Wendy says:

    Very pretty! Love the colors!

  2. Kass says:

    Cute party idea! I was wondering if you had people wrap their presents or left them unwrapped so people could just see them.


  3. Danelle York says:

    I love this and am hosting my long time splurge group next month. I’ve decided to do favourite things themed. Was curious if you have a PDF or something with the little questionnaire on it that you may be willing to share. Looks great and I’m excited to host mine!

  4. Robbin R says:

    Yes! The Favorite Things PDF would be awesome to have. I can’t see what the end asks for but it would help make sure you had lots of bases covered.

  5. Desma says:

    Yes, Please give us the pdf for the favorites things list for each person to complete. Love this idea!

  6. Julie Evans says:

    I’m getting ready to host a favorite things party and I would love a pdf of your list for your getting to know you game.
    Thanks so much.