Kara's Party Ideas A DIY Balloon Fiesta for Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo fiesta party ideas

This incredible Cinco de Mayo Fiesta is brought to you today by Balloon Time!

DIY Project, Styling and Text by Studio DIY
Photos by Mary Costa Photography

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a fiesta full of color, confetti and balloons from top to bottom! More is more with this celebration and that goes for the color palette, the balloon ceiling and the margarita bar too! Let’s fiesta!

DIY Fiesta Balloon Ceiling for Cinco de Mayo party ideas

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta party ideas Cinco de Mayo Fiesta party ideas

DIY Fiesta Balloon Ceiling for Cinco De Mayo Party! DIY Fiesta Balloon Word Signs

DIY Fiesta Balloon Word Signs

DIY Fiesta Foil Balloon Signs

Jazz up your drink station, with these balloon signs. You can say what your serving or just a fun phrase to let everyone know where they can snag their drink!

Latex Balloons (We used four clusters of about 10 balloons each)
Balloon Time Helium Tank
Gold Ribbon
7” Gold Letter Balloons (Filled with air)
Clear Tape

Inflate the latex balloons with helium and tie with gold ribbon. Leave the ribbons extra long so you have room to work with, especially if any words you are spelling are long.

Gather ten balloons and tie the strings together just under the balloon cluster with an extra piece of ribbon (or fishing line).

Tape the tails of your gold letter balloons to the back of the letter so they are hidden. Then tape each letter to one of the strings in your balloon cluster. Continue until you’ve spelled out your word or phrase.

Tie the strings to a balloon weight or tape them to the ground to secure in place behind your bar.

DIY Fiesta Balloon Word Signs DIY Fiesta Balloon Word Signs Cinco de Mayo Fiesta party ideas

DIY Fiesta Cactus Centerpieces

DIY Sprinkle Margarita Glass

Add a little extra fun to your margarita bar too with sprinkle-rimmed margaritas! Fill a shallow dish with water and another shallow dish with sprinkles. Dip the rim of your margarita glass in the water and then into the sprinkles. Fill with your margarita of choice!

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta from Balloon Time on Kara's Party Ideas

DIY Fiesta Balloon Ceiling

Latex Balloons in Various Colors
Balloon Time Helium Tank
Gold Ribbon
Papel Picado
Gold Fringe Garland
Painter’s Tape

Start by deciding where you want your table, dance floor or whatever is going to be underneath this ceiling to be.

Then hang your papel picado and garlands from the ceiling at varying heights and angles. I used a small piece of painter’s tape to secure mine, but you could also tie them to nearby hooks or curtain rods. Make sure that they are high enough that everyone can safely walk underneath.

Blow up as many balloons as possible and tie each with gold ribbon. Let them float up to the ceiling and trim any strings that are too long!

Decorate your table or other party set-up underneath. We chose a colorful runner, planted cacti in emptied sauce cans and added a maraca at each place setting!

DIY Fiesta Balloon Ceiling

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