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With the kids back in school I wanted to create a yummy + easy + healthy after school snack for the kids to eat when they come in the door and say, “Mom, I’m hunnnngry!”

I created these yummy yogurt parfait bites, and they definitely did the trick! My boys love them!


I don’t know about your kids, but after a long day of school my kids come home hungry. I don’t want them to pig out the second they come in the door though, because I want them to still eat dinner a few hours later…so Yoplait is THE perfect snack! A bonus tis that these yogurt parfait bites are healthy and full of protein. I’m super excited to partner with Yoplait this year to share some amazing recipes and ideas like this one! The best part? Yoplait yogurt contains no high fructose corn syrup, and no aspartame! And, did you know that in 2015 Yoplait reduced sugar by 25% in their Yoplait Original flavors? Now that’s something I want my kids to eat!

Yummy Yogurt Parfait Bites Recipe

Items Needed:

  • Silicone Muffin Pan or Apple Mold (I purchased mine on Amazon, here)
  • Yoplait Original Raspberry Yogurt
  • Granola
  • Fresh Raspberries


Step One:

Fill your silicone muffin cavities about 1/2 full with raspberry yogurt. (You don’t have to use raspberry yogurt if you don’t want to! You could swap it out with another delicious flavor! Did you know that Yoplait has more than 100 different flavors to choose from? Find the full list on yoplait.com/products!)


Step Two:

Add granola to the muffin cavities, filling them almost to the top.


Step Three:

Carefully add one more spoon of yogurt to the top of the muffin cavities and smooth it out with a spoon.


Step Four:

Place in freezer and freeze for about 2 hours (or until firm).


Step Five:

Carefully remove your yogurt bites from your silicone muffin pan by pushing the bites out of the pan from the bottom as shown.


Step Six:

Garnish with fresh raspberries and serve! (Put the bites back into the freezer if you’re not consuming them right away.)


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This post has been sponsored by Yoplait. I may have received compensation in conjunction with this post, however, all views are 100% true and my very own.

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  1. Mary Moore says:

    I had to run out and grab some yogurt to make these for my kiddos. How cute and they are delicious too!