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Living in the Rocky Mountains, I have come to count on the change of seasons. Just when I get tired of the unbearable heat of summer or the dreary cold of winter, I get the blessing of Spring or Autumn. No matter what season is coming into bloom, it’s a cue for me to refresh my home decor. 

You see, “refresh” means to give new strength, to give energy, or to reinvigorate. This is exactly why I love the four seasons I experience living in the Rockies. Each new season is a time to refresh and renew. 

As this new Autumn season rolled around, I started to feel the itch to update my Halloween decor. I decided to check out the amazing Halloween collection at JCPenney and boy did I have a hard time. Yes! I couldn’t decide what to get! It took some time and back and forth decision making, but I picked out some of my favorite items that I am excited to show you them today! 

How to decorate your Halloween Front Entry:


First- Gather all of your Halloween decor from JCPenney, your one-stop Halloween decor shop. Then, lay all your things out on the floor or on a nearby table to see how they look and rearrange them until you are happy!

Second- Place your largest items that take up the most space on the shelves first. I like to create visual triangles when I’m decorating as I place the decor items. 

Third- Now on to the medium-sized objects! Professional tip: make groupings with your decor pieces. For example, you can see I have a wooden tray with pumpkin and basket bin to create a grouping of 3 items of varying sizes.

Fourth- Take a step back and look at your set-up.  Balance your items and move them around if you’d like. Add tall pieces, like the candlesticks, in the back.

Fifth- Finally, add hanging buntings or garlands, like this beaded wood garland and Halloween pom-pom garland. Don’t miss the spooky wooden garland on the top shelf.

The adorable metal Trick-Or-Treat sign 



I’m excited about how it turned out! What do you think?! Shop online now or visit your nearest JCPenney to refresh your home for Halloween! Here are the sources for some of the items I used (most of them are on sale right now)!

One | JCPenney Home Metal Scale Tabletop Decor
Two | JCPenney Home Large Basket
Three | JCPenney Home Medium Basket
Four | JCPenney Home Large Led Jack-O-Lantern Yard Art
Five | JCPenney Home Small Led Jack-O-Lantern Yard Art
Six | North Pole Trading Co. 6′ Wood Bead Garland
Seven | JCPenney Home Enameled Trick Or Treat Sign Wall Sign
Eight | JCPenney Home Metal Decorative Lantern
Nine | Wooden Decorative Tray
Ten | JCPenney Home Buffalo Check Ceramic Container
Eleven | JCPenney Home Striped Ceramic Container

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