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Have you read the first installment in our Budget-friendly kids party ideas series? We know everyone is always looking to save a few dollars while still throwing a stellar party. We’ve rounded up the best of our money saving ideas and we have a few party ideas that are not only budget-friendly, but FREE!!!

Free Party Location

First off, you can save so much money by choosing a free venue. Yes, somethings are worth their weight in gold, and a venue where you don’t have to worry about set up, clean up, or having any of your furniture written on by an errant and exuberant 3 year-old armed with a super-indelible-never-come-off-until-forever marker, can often be worth the money. However, when you are planning a party on a shoestring budget, free is always better. Some options for a free location include:

  • Your backyard
  • Your super nice friend’s backyard
  • A nearby park
  • Local nature areas such as a picnic spot in the mountains or a shady spot next to the lake
  • Your HOA’s clubhouse
  • Your home (rearrange furniture as needed for maximum flow and party space)
  • A local place of worship–It may sound odd, but I know that we have quite a few churches close by that will allow us to use their social areas as long as we clean up and leave it in a better state than we found it. Often these churches will take a service project as a form of “thank you” for the free rental services; so, you can go by the weekend following your party and tidy up the grounds or wash windows.

Picnic in the Park by Kara Allen | Kara's Party Ideas in NYC_-141

Free Party Music

This one is getting easier as each technological advancement debuts! Yes, it is hip and fun to book a DJ or a band, but music is the easiest thing to do for free! Grab your iPod, make a stellar playlist, and plug it in to the small speaker that delivers surprisingly loud music, as well as great bass and you’ve set the mood for your party. You can find some great party playlists online or by searching Pinterest.  We have created a board on our Pinterest account with our favorite playlists, and you should leave us a comment with your favorite songs for a party!

Free Party Decor

Party decor: you can spend as much or as little as you would like on party decor. The ideas in this category might push it a little on the free aspect; but in all reality, you can use what you already have in your garage, the ink in your printer, and the like. Some of the ideas for free party decor include the following:

  • Use your printer: So, yes, you do have to purchase ink and paper…but if you already have it, then you don’t have to purchase it…yet. At least that’s what I tell myself. I’m okay with the justification every now and then, or a lot. Now, let’s see…where were we? Oh yes, print out pictures of the birthday guest of honor, photos of favorite superheroes, or even free party printables.
  • Repurpose frames: Once you print out your favorite photos, use frames that you already have; just switch out the prints for the party. Place the frames around your partyscape for visual interest and instant decor.
  • DIY: Use Pinterest like a boss and make the party decor you need with some DIY instructions. Use the stash of scrapbook paper you have hanging around and create a beautiful background like the one found here in this camp arts and crafts party.Camp Arts and Crafts Rainbow Party via Kara's Party Ideas | KarasPartyIdeas.com #camp #arts #crafts #rainbow #party #ideas (19)

 Let Your Guests Help

No one likes to show up to a party empty handed, and there is nothing wrong with letting your guests help out if they ask. If anyone wants to know how they can help, you can give them a small food assignment, a specific drink assignment, or put someone in charge of the music playlist. This is a perfect way to cut costs, increase the feeling of community, and allow your guests to bring something they know will be a boon to their hostess!


What are your free party tips? Let us know!

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